To Shave Carson or Not?

That is the question. He has such thick fur (he is a lab/chow) and it gets so hot and humid here in the summer.  He hates it.  We go far walks and sometimes I think I might have to carry his 90 lbs body up the Hill!  I have been thinking about shaving him for a while but I hear it can be very traumatizing for the dog the first time.  I met a couple people who had to take their dog to get a tranquilizer afterward. 



So then today, someone suggested I do it myself.  I almost bought an electric shaver for dogs. 


What do you think? Do I get him shaved? Do I do it myself (to try and not traumatize him).  I do I let him suffer from the heat (and his weight)?

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1 Response to To Shave Carson or Not?

  1. Carrie says:

    Taking off all that crazy maroon gear might help. Just a little friendly advice from your longhorn friend… 😉

    Looking forward to seeing you soon!!

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