Kate is Alive

After 10 weeks of radio silence I received and e-card from Kate.  She and Cecil (and Nicholas) are doing fine, just having some Internet issues.  Kate hopes to get the Internet issues fixed next week then she will start updating their Blog (Smiths on Safari).  She said she could write a whole book on the Adventure this trip has been so far…and it has only been 10 weeks.  They will be there for 2 years. 


For those of you who don’t know our friends Kate & Cecil are living in Libreville in the Republic of Gabon in Africa.  It is on the West Coast of Africa near the Equator.  They are living in Liberville which is the capital and on the the Atlantic.  Gabon is one of the wealthier African countries as it is high in mineral wealth and in the late ‘80’s they found Oil.  Since they have a stable government, the U.S. has decided to build an embassy in Gabon.  That is where Cecil comes in.  He manages building construction projects for the State Department. 

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2 Responses to Kate is Alive

  1. Irma says:

    I was starting to think they’d been kidnapped for ransom or something…good to know they are alive and well.

  2. Ronda says:

    Well, thank goodness! I was beginning to wonder. I’m Ronda, I used to work with Kaci (or Kate as you call her) at Texas Medical Center News. I’ve e-mailed her a number of times since she moved to Libreville, with no response. I check your blog because she told me before she left for Africa that you had a link to the Smiths on Safari blog on your blog. But every time I check Smiths on Safari, it’s still empty … no entries, zip, nada, nothing. Seriously, I was getting ready to call her parents to see what happened to her. So glad to hear all is well. If you talk with Kaci, would you let her know Ronda, Steve, Josh and Missy say “hi” and happy birthday. We e-mailed her on her birthday, but I guess she wasn’t Web ready yet. Also, let her know Rachel had the baby this morning, and all is well — a little girl. Well, nice meeting you via our mutual friendship with Kaci, and have a blast in D.C.!

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