Saw ‘Em Off Lawsuit settled

The “Saw ‘Em Off” lawsuit was settled yesterday.  Boy am I glad I got my t-shirts with the original design.  Does that mean my T-Shirts with the original design might be worth something in the future?



Not sure I like adding the tuft of hair to the longhorn.  Frankly, I am surprised it to UT so long to initiate a lawsuit.  I think A&M would have moved for an embargo pretty quick if the roles were reversed.  At least we get to keep the Theme and overall look of the “Saw ‘Em Off” t-shirts.

See Article:
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2 Responses to Saw ‘Em Off Lawsuit settled

  1. Brad says:

    This is so absurd. Shakespeare had it right — first, kill all the lawyers!

    Parody has always been an accepted fair use. I bet that if they went forward with this A&M would have won, but the cost of paying to fight this was probably just too much to bear.

    /from a Longhorn fan (by marriage)

  2. TeXasAggieFan says:

    I have many friends that attend UT and I must say this… UT fans suck for the most part…this just proves it to everyone else…geeze…can’t take a little quip from your rivals? Everytime I go to Austin I see tons of positive slogans about aTm (sarcasm) …Sit on it Austin! How about we coin that phrase on a T-shirt?

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