I am waiting for a break. I have been waiting for 9 months.  My friend and her family need a break, a little good news.  All of us are doing the right things. We have faith, courage, hope, positive mental attitude, the strength of a massive army.  But I am starting to panic and I am looking for a sign that God is listening to the massive amount of prayers we are all sending.


I find myself in a situation I have never been in.  Sometimes I feel like I have to work to smile and laugh.  On occasion I find myself tearing up in random places.  One minute I am fine, the next minute I am overcome by frustration, grief, concern, anger, and most of all fear. (I think many of us are feeling this way).  Sometimes I think I am having panic attacks.  I am on a road in which I have no control, and I am not good at that.  I have no idea what the future holds and I am trying to get it together.  I am trying to trust in a higher power to fix what I can’t.


Everyday I have to keep reminding myself: Breathe…Stay Calm…You are alright…Everyone is going to be alright…Today is a gift; Don’t waste it. 

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1 Response to Waiting

  1. Geneen says:

    *hugs you tight*

    Sorry I haven’t been able to reach you. My in-laws have been in town this past week. I’ll call you tomorrow. Unless you see this tonight and want to give me a ring.


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