Oppressed in D.C. & Trying to Relax

The weather men up here are having a heyday!  You see it has become hot.  Hot like Houston.  Today I woke up and learned that the day was officially classified as “Oppressive” and “Code Orange”.  It will be 98 degrees and humid.  The weather man brought up an interesting point…apparently 4 months ago (in March) it was 27 degrees.  I will take the heat.  Below freezing in March is unacceptable. 


On another note, this weekend I decided to try a Yoga DVD.  I know so many people who really enjoy Yoga and it helps them relax. So I thought: “What a great idea…I can use some relaxation.”  I lasted about 5 minutes before I wanted to beat the crap out of the Yoga instructor.   I could not take any more of the deep breathing and getting in touch with my butt muscles.  The instructor was doing the Yoga class on some grassy cliff over looking the ocean (for relaxation) and she was absolutely annoying.  Rather than relax, I found that after 5 minutes I was feeling completely aggressive.  I am not giving up on Yoga, but I am also unsure I am someone who wants to be in tune with my calf muscle or whatever muscle we are working on.  We shall see.

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1 Response to Oppressed in D.C. & Trying to Relax

  1. Carrie says:

    Hee! I love yoga, but yet I too got annoyed just by your description on your DVD. 🙂

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