Personalized License Plates

Today I saw the strangest personalized license plate on a Toyota Prius:  ALEX GR8.  I was perplexed by what this meant?  Is it Alex is Great?  Alex the Great? Just plain Alex Great?  So I believe I have to assume that he is Alex and he is saying I am great.  Alex is great (kind of like what you might say to a child).  So right then and there I decided that I was adding self-affirming personalized license plates as an automatic 3 Strike Offense* under my dating eligibility rules.


*Because some people think I am too picky when dating a couple years ago I switched to what I thought was a much more liberal policy: 3 Strikes Your Out (Naturally model after out justice system: 3 felonies = Life in Prison).  So, I can over look almost anything unless you get to 3 strikes. (i.e. No job = 1 Strike, Don’t get along with your family = 2 strike, twice divorced = Strike 3).  However there are some offenses that are an automatic 3 Strikes offense (completely un-dateable).  For example a man living alone with 2 or more cats is an automatic 3-strike offense.  However, this can be waived if he happens to be a veterinarian and also has a dog.


So anybody else seen some good personalized license plates?


Oh yes, one more question: Did anyone send me a birthday gift of some wine?  I got some, but I think they got the card wrong, so I don’t know who sent it.  I want to properly Thank You.  So speak up!

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12 Responses to Personalized License Plates

  1. Geneen says:

    *dies laughing*

    I wonder if you saw Alex Ovechkin. His nickname is Alexander the GR8. (He’s No. 8 on the Washington Capitals — but you probably knew that.) Anyway, perhaps you saw the Great Russian phenom, Alexander Ovechkin!

    *Is jealous of you* If not because you may have seen Ovechkin, then because you have met and had drinks with Olaf Kolizg!

  2. jkerber says:

    Okay, I don’t think it was Ovechkin. Although he did look foreign, he did not look like Ovechkin, at least according to his picture on Wiki. Too funny that you thought of that!

  3. angie says:

    ooh-ooh…I have one. Ironically enough, it was yesterday that I saw it. I am driving to work and a little camry pulls up around me really fast and then gets in front of me. It is a camry, with blacked out windows, AND he has actually lowered the camry a tad bit. SO you can imagine it is not an attractive look going on here. His license plate read HUNG.

    Come on?!?!?! Don’t ask me what he looked like because his windows were blacked out!!! Poor little man. Let me just clue you in buddy…..if you have to advertise it, it ain’t much! Am I right?

  4. Kerber says:

    Agreed! That is too funny Angie.

  5. Carrie says:

    I *definitely* agree that is a legitimate dating strike!!

  6. Brad says:

    What is the license plate is “HUGEWANG”???

    Three strikes? Or just one???

  7. Geneen says:

    HUGEWANG would be a must-date right, Kerber?

  8. Geneen says:

    OK. So you don’t think it was Ovechkin, but it could have been his brother, who lives with him. OR, it could have been one of those weird fans who shows their support for the team by getting personalized license plates like this. You know? RUSH FAN. Or ALEX 4ME. That kind of thing. Would an insane fan be eliminated from your dating pool?

  9. jkerber says:

    Yes, even HUGEWANG or an insane fan would go directly to 3 strikes your out. As to Brad’s question, if you have to advertise, I am not interested. As for an insane fan, I am not sure I want to spend my life having to paint my face and attend sporting events. Don’t get me wrong, I love sporting events, but I just picture dating someone like David Puddy.

  10. Doug says:

    The man driving a blue Prius in 2007 with Virginia plates saying ALEX GR8 was not Alexander Ovechkin. For one thing, I’m pretty sure Ovechkin wouldn’t drive a Prius. But you’re right, it’s kind of like what you might say to a child. In fact, the Prius driver got that plate about 18 years ago, shortly after the birth of his first son … Alex … who soon became a great Olie Kolzig fan and is now a hockey goaltender. You see, that Prius driver was me!

  11. jkerber says:

    I LOVE that ALEX GR8 Actually found this blog. My friend will be severely disappointed that you were not Mr. Ovechkin in a prius. But, I think naming your car Alex the great after your son…completely appropriate. 🙂

  12. Geneen says:

    Several members of my fave NHL team drive Ford Explorers. It’s possible he was in a Prius. Of course, I’ve since seen him driving in several different Mercedes iterations, so we know he’s flashy like that, yo.

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