We Are Here

Switzerland is fantastic.  We are staying in Coppet and are only 5 minute from Lake Geneva and Switzerland. It is absolutely gorgeous here.  For the next 10 days my office will be on a back porch, over looking a pool (with the kids in it) and the mountains in the background. Everything is coming together so fantastically for this trip, I can’t help but think this is the treatment that will make a difference. We have a fantastic place to stay in a beautiful home in a great neighborhood.   Our hosts took us for a tour today and we found the Hospital, the local Market, Geneva, the Lake, a shopping center, everything we need!  I am trying to read all the French signs I can and I am working on my French, however I am very self-conscious of my Texanized French.  J


Geneva is gorgeous.  Perhaps I can get a job here working for one of the International Organizations.

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  1. guillermo says:

    as promised: http://www.uicc.org/
    also interesting to havee a look at:

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