I love this place

I think I could live here.  We are in a small village just 20 minutes from Geneva and it is absolutely gorgeous.  Last night after dinner we took the kids on a long walk.  It was a 2 hour walk down to Lake Geneva and back. We passed Vineyard with tons of grapes getting ready to be turned into wine. We passed Cherry Trees, and Pear Trees, and Sunflower Gardens as we went up and down the hills on winding roads through the village to the Lake.  As soon as we arrived at the lake it appeared the Moon had been waiting for us.  As we stood looking out over Lake Geneva, a full Moon started to peak out behind some clouds in between two Mountains.  As we watched it rose above the clouds and took over the sky.  It was simply amazing! 


Today Julie is at the hospital checking in with the Doctor and determining the next steps for when we can start treatment. The kids are playing in the pool and I am sitting outside, on a clear blue sky, 80 degrees, cool breeze afternoon.  I have some sort of fantastic cheese, something that resembles pepperoni but tastes oh so much better, and some sparking water about to start working.


Yes, I think I could live here.  It truly feels like a healing place and somewhere that we can find our miracle cure!

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4 Responses to I love this place

  1. Angie Morton says:

    I remember Switzerland being beautiful. Soak it all in! And I think it has healing powers as well! Thanks for the updates. Been checking daily. Tell Julie we are pulling for her.

  2. April Dlugach Paine says:

    Wonderful to hear about the wonder of Switzerland! Thinking of you all xo

  3. Liz Yeoman says:

    Sound like the perfect place to be, I am glad you are there with them Jen. Bask in the bubbles of a Cappuccino for me.

  4. Abby says:

    Hey – thanks for the update – we are checking in every day and saying our prayers. Good luck and please send Julie all of our hopeful thoughts! love you – A

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