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Unclassified Terrorist Report

I know most of my readers are not 24–hour news junkies like me and most of the people in this town. But, if you caught some news today you know that the US Government released a report regarding the current … Continue reading

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Personalized License Plates

Today I saw the strangest personalized license plate on a Toyota Prius:  ALEX GR8.  I was perplexed by what this meant?  Is it Alex is Great?  Alex the Great? Just plain Alex Great?  So I believe I have to assume … Continue reading

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Oppressed in D.C. & Trying to Relax

The weather men up here are having a heyday!  You see it has become hot.  Hot like Houston.  Today I woke up and learned that the day was officially classified as “Oppressive” and “Code Orange”.  It will be 98 degrees … Continue reading

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I am waiting for a break. I have been waiting for 9 months.  My friend and her family need a break, a little good news.  All of us are doing the right things. We have faith, courage, hope, positive mental … Continue reading

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The Onion

So, do you guys know about The Onion online satire news site?  Or is it just me and my geeky political friends?  I love the Onion. It is all political satire, but even if you are not political, I think … Continue reading

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You have to love the headline…I mean it is funny.  Not only that, he was arrested doing 100 MPH in a hybrid. I didn’t even know those things could go that fast!  At least Al can rest easier knowing that … Continue reading

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Buc-ee’s, My First True Love

Okay, I have to confess.  One of the things I have grown to truly love about the annual tubing trip is Buc-ee’s.   One of the top ten things on my life list is Texas Beef Jerky.  Yes, I know, rather … Continue reading

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Justice Served

Thank goodness Scooter Libby’s 2 1/2 year sentence was commuted.  It was a ridiculous sentence.  Everyone notice how the person who actually leaked the information didn’t even get prosecuted.  It was a bogus witch hunt. Enough politics…soon I will have … Continue reading

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