Lost in Translation

So, I am very excited that I can understand certain words and phrases in French and I have even been able to use my French on occasion, but I am rather shy about it.  I don’t want anyone to laugh at my Texas French accent.  So yesterday, we were looking for a bank.  I was very excited because I knew how to say, “Where is the Bank” = Où est la banque?  So I went up to one person and asked: Où est la banque?  Then when they answered I figured out the error of my way.  I had no IDEA what they were saying.   So then I quickly asked: Parlez-vous anglais ou espagnol?  I got a big fat No!  (Brendan speaks enough Spanish to get by.)  So, although I can speak a few things, I have no idea what directions they were giving me.  We went simply by hand pointing.

For those of you who don’t know, I took two years of French in High School because my mother promised to take me to France. Instead, I took myself to France and quickly realized that the Houston population would soon have a majority of Spanish speaking individuals.  So really, what good is a French speaking Texan do?

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3 Responses to Lost in Translation

  1. Mom says:

    I tried to answer this early by didn’t get submitted. In case it helps….just remember if they answer you with “a droite” it means right and “a gauche” is left. “A devant de…..” means across from or next to something else. And it’s been 26 years since I was in France!

  2. Heather (Beaupre) Hummer says:

    I took French as well. The only time I used it was up in New Hampshire and Candian-French is slightly different than Texas-French!! The only things I can remember are:
    Shut the mouth (Shut up) is fermer la bouche
    You are stupid is vous êtes stupide
    Sit down is s’asseoir
    I don’t know is Je ne sais pas (I used this a lot in school!!)
    Continue to enjoy yourself and you are all in my prayers.

  3. April Dlugach Paine says:

    Love the posts, love the photos. Well done, Jen!

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