I just finished talking to Brendan today. Seems they were driving by my favorite monument in Geneva, the three-legged Chair. (NOT!)  Anyway, as I sit here at work I am forced to ask myself, “How come time goes by so slowly over here and yet it seemed to fly by in Geneva?”  Perhaps I need to move.  I have some great videos and pictures to post; I just have not gotten to it.  If I am completely honest with you, I have not even really unpacked.  My luggage is occupying the spare bedroom. 


I, like everyone else, am so happy to hear things seem to be going smoothly for J & B overseas.  They have such a great setting to jump start the healing. 

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  1. angie says:

    thanks for posting. I have been curious. Dad gets me updates as I need them. Don’t worry about unpacking, you’ll be going somewhere again soon.

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