Just a quick post because I know everyone is wondering about Julie & Brendan.  They are doing great.  I am expecting a post any day now (and for the past few days!).  Since we haven’t see anything from them I thought I would do a quick post.  They took a quick trip to Rome, sans the kids, on Thursday and returned Friday.  I can only assume that they are too tired and busy to post anything.  Julie’s next and last appointment is on Monday and they head home on Tuesday.  I hear they have a bunch of GREAT photos from Rome.  Can’t wait to see the photos!

Keep praying for them.

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  1. Guillermo & Cris says:

    We have been watching the Rome pictures yesterday…. great pictures and great trip…. I’m convinced they enjoyed it and they founded what they were looking for. Today they are visiting La Riviere: Montreux, Vevey and the Chateau de Chillon… that will be the last trip together here with us….. we are going to miss them…. but we are also convinced that we have to meet us many times again in the future…..

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