Family Vacation

I took a family vacation to Port Aransas, Texas with some of my cousins.  We had such great time.  There were 17 of us (10 Adults, 7 kids and one dog.)  We rented 3 beach houses and spent most of the time in the pool.  In fact, I think next year we might go somewhere different then the beach, since nobody really wanted to go to the beach (except some of the kids).  The boys went fishing and were reeling in sharks right and left (perhaps that is why no one wanted to go to the beach).  Rob and I had a beach house to ourselves.  So, immediately the kids figured out this was the cool house (non of their parents were there.)  One night I decided to let all the kids not in diapers to spend the night at our house.  WE had a great time. The kids were hilarious.


At the end of the night, they asked Rob to spend the night in the loft with them.  He came to my room and said the kids were begging him to sleep upstairs so he was just going to go upstairs and lay down for a few minutes until they fell asleep.  Well yes, as you can guess, Rob fell asleep upstairs.  I wish I had a picture because it was so cute.  Rob was sleeping in this loft with all these kids around him and his dog, wrapped around his little 4 year old cousin Mitchell’s head. 


I loved the family trip and it reminded me for my love a good Texas Smokehouse.  As you can imagine, I bought some quality beef jerky from a smoke house in the middle of  nowhere. 


I only wish I had my video camera when Taylor and Bailey performed their dance routine for us all.  It was fantastic.  Oh yes, by the way Bear, we encouraged Bailey to take more dance lessons.  Some people were suggesting ballet. We told him it was cool. 


Aug Vaca 033

Rob & I saw this sign and I had to take a picture.  This was probably a hip happening store in the small town that we stopped for lunch.  They had a Sonic, that was about it. 


Aug Vaca 062

Ahh, you know you are in Texas when you see a sign warning you about the local prison.  Man its good to be home. 


Aug Vaca 060

Rob’s dog Kayley trying to let us know that the back seat of his Honda Civic was too small for a growing rottweiler/lab and a mini cooler.


Anyway, I wanted to share a few videos with you.  The kids started showing us their dance moves.  VERY Funny!  Based on the dance moves, I worry what their parents are teaching them.  Two of the kids were in to Break Dancing….Hello, who is living in the 80’s!


Bailey (10 years old) Demonstrating How to Do the Lawnmower and the Sprinkler


Hannah Bess (7 years old) doing the Light bulb and Washing the Window Dance


Ethan Bess (5 years old) showing us some break dancing moves


Mitchell Mason (4 years old) showing us some more break dancing moves


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