Items to Recommend

A Few Items to Recommend


Over the past 3 months I have come across several items that I just love and I want to tell you about them.


  1. Pure Beech Sheets – they are so soft!  Softer than my 800 Count Egyptian cotton sheets.  I found them at Bed Bath & Beyond and the price was much more reasonable then the 800 thread-count sheets.  Check them out!
  2. Crocs – yes I was going to avoid these.  They are just so ugly.  But I finally caved and now I know why people wear these ugly shoes.  They are SOOO comfortable.  Check them out. I own the flip flops and the Mary Janes.  Awesome!
  3. Dance Dance Revolution – Okay, this one I recommend reluctantly because I am embarrassed to tell you I love it. It is a video dancing game that comes with a dance pad.  I can’t tell you how many hours my uncoordinated body has spent in the basement dancing.  It is so much fun!  I finally got an A on one of my dances.  Pure joy (and a little exercise)! Coming on Nancy, let them know how fun it is!
  4. Wii – Wow, it is so much fun, even adults will enjoy it.  I mean, that is why I got it. My arm hurts from all the tennis and bowling I have been playing!  Really, it is not just for kids.   And no Angie, I will not be video taping myself and uploading it to this blog.  It would be too scary.  But if you want to come over and play, I will video tape you!
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1 Response to Items to Recommend

  1. Nancy says:

    I must admit… I, too, love Dance Dance Revolution! I’m still waiting for it to come out for the wii… I hear you might be graded on your hand movements, too! That will definitley make it more difficult to get an ‘A’.

    CROCS!!!! Jen, I’m so… I don’t know, sad… disappointed… something… I just never thought you would sacrifice looking good for feeling good. You can’t possibly feel good (even if they are comfy) knowing that I will FOREVER make fun of you for wearing those hideous plastic shoes! Why don’t you just go out and get some jelly shoes, too? I hear they’re coming back in style… sad. so, so sad.

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