Be Safe

Please add my brother Rob to your prayers. He has been deployed down to South Texas with an Ambulance as part of the first responder build up in preparation for Hurricane Dean. (He is a fire fighter/paramedic).  I think we are going to get lucky with this storm and it will go into Mexico, but you never know what mother nature has in store.  Please add Rob’s safety, and the safety of all the first responders who are driving into an area where most people are evacuating, to your prayers.

Update:  Rob just sent me a text message.  They are on the road headed south and they just passed a huge billboard for Buckees that says: Jerky – One of the Five Basic Food Groups.   I love it! 

Update:  Okay, Rob is actually in San Antonio (thank goodness!) at a military base where they will fly injured hurricane victims from the Yucatan Peninsula for treatment.  They are on stand by to be deployed elsewhere. 

Update: (1:17 p.m.) Okay talked to Rob again.  Forgive me if you don’t find this as fascinating as I do, but apparently the army base is a staging point.  They are housing all these first responders in bunkers and waiting for the Hurricane to hit.  He said there are hundreds of first responders and ambulances, from as far away as California, Florida and Maryland.  They were told to sit back and rest, because as soon as they “pull the trigger” these guys will be driving up to 6 hours away to provide aide.  (I am hoping he takes some pictures of all the ambulances.)


Update: (Tuesday, 9:45 a.m.) Rob is still in San Antonio.  In fact he is officially Strike Team Leader for Division 12 Alpha.  He says they are all getting a lot of sleep.  He is bored.  There is a lack of communication and no television so he can’t really tell what is happening.  He did, however, head out to his ambulance to get some supplies (and food).  He arrived to the location where all the Ambulances are parked (on the Air Force Base) and guess what…Someone had spray painted about 14 Ambulances with gang graffiti.  Can you imagine?  What JERK does that?  Anyway, he thinks they will keep them all until tonight, maybe tomorrow and make sure Dean is really going to go into Mexico and release them.  If anything it is a good dry run for emergency preparedness.  Maybe they can suggest ways to improve it. 

Update: (2:00 p.m.) All Texas First Responders have been released to go home.  The waiting is just all part of the job.  Thanks Rob!

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2 Responses to Be Safe

  1. Irma says:

    We’ll be saying a special prayer for Rob…and all first responders. Yay GOD!

  2. Mom says:

    Glad to have the update on Rob. Haven’t heard anything since he left here!

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