DS Returns

Some of you may remember, but I had a problem with what I called a “Demented Squirrel” beating and eating all of my tomato plants. I mean it was like nothing I had ever seen!  They were being ravaged!  (As a matter of fact, it appears DS, was among my first blog posts ever!  The DS term came about through a funny conversation between Julie & I; you can check it out on my October 16, 2006 post.) 


Again this year I planted three tomato plants and they served me well.  I still had some Tomatoes blooming when I left for Switzerland.  Well, when I returned from Switzerland, take a look at how ravaged these plants are!  That is one angry squirrel (however, I think I might not be a squirrel because I saw a chipmunk near the tomato plants the other day.)  Regardless of which animal is doing this, there will be no more tomatoes from these plants. 







I am heading home for the long weekend today and I am hoping to see everyone (and take lots of pictures)!  I am also going to see my good friend Geneen, whom I only get to see once or twice a year because she currently lives in Atlanta. However, the good news is she and her husband are moving back to Houston! 

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1 Response to DS Returns

  1. wraithfodder says:

    I tripped over your site and the photos of decimated plants. They reminded me so much of the remains of my sunflower plants – ravaged by squirrels. I got one plant to survive by encasing the entire pot and plant in wire cloth. NOt very pretty though…

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