Anybody Looking for a Good Home Companion?

On Saturday my Mom & I happen to find a stray dog. He was actually hanging out in front of the house for several hours, driving my mom’s neurotic dog Tipper crazy.  WE could tell he had on a red collar so we wanted to check his tags so we could return him to his owner.  He was extremely skittish of people, but he ran right up to Tipper.  Needless to say, his collar had NO TAGS!  (Honestly, how do pet owners let their dogs get out without tags?  It is just plain irresponsible.)   Anyway, as you know the Houston weather has been miserable lately with the excessive rain and thunder storms.  So, we rescued the stray dog and began our effort to find his owners.


We put up flyers (in clear laminate sleeves so they won’t ruin in the rain) all over the neighborhood (and adjacent neighborhoods), posted information on Craigs List &, and checked the local Pet Stores as well as Vets.  So far, nothing!  What amazes me is this is obviously someone’s spoiled pet.  He is a young pit bull mix neutered male dog with a brand new red collar.  He is impeccably groomed (even his nails have been trimmed).  He loves to play with toys, is house trained, knows how to use a dog door, and just loves to be with people.  The first night we had him I made up a little bed on the floor for him to sleep in my room (at my Mom’s in Houston.)  As soon as I lay down and rolled over in bed, I felt this weight on the bed.  He hoped up in bed with me and wanted to spoon, laying his head on my legs.  It was so cute I tried to lay there for a little while, but there were two of us in a single bed; it wasn’t going to work.  So I pulled out the trundle for him where he happily fell asleep.  I woke up in the middle of the night and used the restroom.  I returned to find him on my bed curled up in a little ball on my pillow (well as little of a ball as he could.).  So I slept on the pull out bed.


In just 3 short days he grew very fond of me and I of him.  The problem is, he is part Pit Bull, and that turns a lot of people off.  (I actually think he is a American Staffordshire Terrier).  Did you know that only 1 in 600 Pit Bulls find a loving forever home.  This dog’s demeanor was so sweet and kind and well behaved, he is a great family dog!  It is a shame they have such a tarnished image.  The more research I did the more I learned that some shelters won’t take pure bred Pit Bulls.  I also started looking into keeping him myself and figuring out how to get him to D.C.  Many airlines will not fly pure bred Pit Bulls over 6 months of age.  So, as you can imagine I am desperately trying to find out exactly what he is and if I can really keep him.  However, I am not really a fan of flying dogs.


So, my question is, has anyone had pit bulls as pets?  I am interested in finding out how he will get along with Carson.  He did great with Tipper (mom’s dog).  Is anyone looking for a nice family pet?  He is an Awesome dog.

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4 Responses to Anybody Looking for a Good Home Companion?

  1. Geneen says:

    Oh Lord help me! I want so badly to make a horrible joke. Must. Resist.

    Personally, I would never, ever own a pitbull. EVER. Accident waiting to happen.

  2. Irma says:

    I half agree with Geneen, I would only own a pit bull IF I had raised him as a puppy and knew the breeder. You never know what kind of treatment/training he might have gotten, or where he came from at this age…he MAY be an accident waiting to happen. On the other hand…you’ve met him/interacted with him…go with your gut. If you already love him, then you already love him – what more is there to decide??

  3. angie says:

    My dog Emma is a pit bull. She gets along fine with elliot and charley. Her biggest problem is that she is a licker. She loves to lick people to death. So if you have a fear of being licked to death, please stay away. Luckily, when she was a puppy and dropped off at a shelter at 3 weeks old, they didn’t know what she was. Otherwise they would have terminated the litter. She is a mix, but is majority pit bull. It’s all in how you raise them. If you feed them raw meat, they are going to go for the jugular. If you put a big tough poke-him-in-the-neck collar, they are not going to be happy dogs.

    That’s my outlook. On to bigger news…where’s the Wii clip?

  4. Liz Yeoman says:

    Oh he is so cute! I think it is the way they are raised. Look at Maggie, she is supposed to be a bad family dog, crazy and spastic. She is so sweet and loving and Vets tell me all the time that she has a great temperament for a Dalmatian. I do think you would have to watch him closely but if he was crawling in with you the 1st night-A. he really likes you and would be very loyal and B. he didn’t come from an abusive home.

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