Having a Wii Too Much Fun

On a previous post I recommended a few items for you guys to check out.  This past weekend, I took one of those recommended items to Texas as a gift for my brother…the Wii.  Unfortunately, I only got to see Rob play it for an hour, as he worked the entire weekend.  Now many of you might think the Wii is only for kids.  NOT TRUE!  My mother LOVED the Wii.  In fact, I woke up Saturday morning, walked down stairs, and found my mother bowling.


This weekend also happened to be Marty’s Birthday and his wife Angie bought him a Wii as well.  So on Sunday, I spent the day at a party for grown adults watching the guest’s box each other on the Wii.  It cracked me up watching everyone box.  You get a serious workout.  My little cousin Lauren (11 years old) knocked out Milton who is a father of a teenager.  Too much fun!  In fact, it was so much fun I had to get some video of it.  Enjoy


Funny Man Brendan vs. Mad Man Matt


Mysterious Mike vs. Crazy Marty




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5 Responses to Having a Wii Too Much Fun

  1. shirl says:

    I saw part of that…guess I don’t get it….Waaaayyyy too much sweat being flung around….


  2. Brad says:

    Awesome vids!! 🙂

  3. Irma says:

    I am with Shirl…if I’m going to sweat it will be in the comfort of my own private treadmill, while at the beach/pool or…that’s about it!

  4. Brad says:

    OF COURSE you are with Shirl, Irma! Your idea of roughing it is having to bend down to get something out of the mini-bar!

  5. angie says:

    I pulled a muscle in my tush while bowling on the Wii yesterday!!! Still sooo much fun.

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