Keep Praying

Well I think we were all on the edge today waiting to find out the results from Julie’s MRI.  As we have gotten used to, it wasn’t the best news.  The brain surgery did not work, and there appears to be more tumors.  Upon first hearing this news, I was disappointed.  I keep waiting for our good news…for our break.  It has to be coming any day now.


I talked to Julie this afternoon and she was in good spirits.  If she wasn’t, I am not sure she would tell me since I am so far away and can’t do anything about it.  (Yeah, that is just the kind of amazing person she is.)  Apparently we did not really expect the brain surgery to work because we are dealing with stubborn Melanoma, and it doesn’t like to listen.  However, we are hoping the treatment would stunt the growth of the tumors.  As with everything, the good news is we still have more options.  J & B will talk to their doctor about next steps on Monday.  I am also looking forward to Thursday when J visits the doctor to adjust her pain medicine.  If J is telling me she is in pain, then she is really in pain.  She is not like me in that aspect. I like to let everyone know I am in pain. J  J just says she is fine.


So far this week is looking like it might not make it over a 5, but I still have several more days (See Angie’s post about rating your weeks if you are confused).  I just have to focus on what I can do to help…Pray, and hope He hears me.

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2 Responses to Keep Praying

  1. Heather (Beaupre) Hummer says:

    I will continue to pray for healing and good news for Julie. She is lucky to have a best bud like you!!
    My 8 year old and I were doing a current events report for school and she picked the story about Davy Crockett’s last known letter, which was written to his daughter, being found. The letter was written 2 months before the Alamo. Here is a comment from the letter:

    “I am rejoiced at my fate,” wrote Crockett, who had recently left Tennessee after voters there denied him another term in Congress. “I would rather be in my present situation than to be elected to a seat in Congress for life.”

    I hope that at least makes you week a 5.25!!

  2. guillermo says:

    We are so sad to hear that. Does that mean that the FOTEMUSTINE is not making her any improvement ?

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