Limited Update

I know I am not getting all these hits today because you guys are checking my blog to find out what your employees in the Government are doing today.  (Frankly I would have to report not much).  I always have a huge spike when it is a big day for Julie and Brendan. I was hoping they would get to post something soon, but frankly, I think they are just tired!


I spoke to Julie today and she sounds good, exhausted but good.  Frankly I am amazed it took this long to wear Julie out.  She has 10,000 times more pep then anyone I know. 


Anyway, todays results were not bad.  They were not what we truly wanted (complete healing), but they were not bad.  I think not bad is pretty good.   The scans did show some growth of the tumors in her body, however, the Dr. was not able to conclude that the fotomustaine was not working.  In fact, he thought we ought to try it again.   Julie is going to do another round of the Switzerland treatment (that Brendan brought home) and they plan to combine it with some other drug.  Although her scan did reveal some growth of the tumors, they are still optimistic that the fotomustain can help. 


But before we can start this treatment, we need to bring her platelets up.  Her platelets are low, (which we expected with the Fotomustain (sp??) treatment), which is why she has been so exhausted lately.  She is getting a blood transfusion today and tomorrow.  As she said, it will give her some “pep”.  She did say that she wouldn’t be running any half marathons anytime soon.  (And I got the feeling she was genuinely disappointed not to be running a half marathon!). 


Hopefully they will post something a bit more eloquent than this sometime soon, but I know they are exhausted.  All we can do is keep up what we have been doing: offering love, hope, support and prayer.


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5 Responses to Limited Update

  1. Phylisanne says:

    Jen – Thanks for the information on Julie and Brendan. I sent it to My Mom and my brother in Michigan. I know my Mom looks at your blog too!

    It was good to hear Julie is still being Julie! I do Love her – here is a GREAT BIG HUG FOR JULIE, BRENDAN, HALLIE, JACK (the BIRTHDAY BOY) AND KENDEL!

  2. Jodi says:

    Ok, you caught me. A total lurker from Oregon that is following the story of Julie and her amazing family!

    Thanks for the update!

  3. Lynn Barnett says:

    Jenn, you know we come to your blog because we want to hear about your life also. 🙂 Thanks for the update on Julie. How is Carson? See, I do pay attention to other things on here…..

  4. Guillermo says:

    Helo Jen,
    We are with Lynn Barnet…. we come to your blog because we want to hear about your life also. Thanks for the update….. and we are glad to hear about that small improvement.. we are sure that another dose of Fotemustine will help her…

  5. Irma says:

    Thank you…I get Julie updates from your blog, AND a little of the world according to you (which is always huge entertainment for me)! Love you much!

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