Reading While Driving ???

I understand the power of a good book, one you simply cannot put down.  In fact, I am reading one right now: Lone Survivor.  But I have never found the need to take the book with me and read it during the morning rush hour commute. 

But that is exactly what I saw this morning on my way to work.  The guy next to me was smoking and reading a book, while driving in morning rush hour traffic.  How crazy is that?  We have laws about cell phone use in cars, do we now have to expand that to “no reading novels while driving”?  I mean isn’t that one pretty much a known fact?


This was just a short email this morning.  I have been praying all weekend that we get good results from Julie & Brendan’s meeting with their doctor this morning.  I think it is our turn for a GREAT day!  Keep thinking positive thoughts.

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