Little League & “That Parent”

Last weekend I attended my cousin Jack’s (6 years old) little league baseball game.  It was a gorgeous sunny fall day and just what I needed to get out of the house.  As soon as I arrived Jack starts waving madly and yelling, “Hey Aunt Jen!”  (What an amazing feeling.)  


The way this league works is:

·         Each team gets to bat their entire lineup before switching to the field. 

·         You play 3 innings.

·         You get several pitches and if you don’t hit the ball you get to swing at the ball from the T. 

·         There are no strikes out

·         You don’t keep score.


Our team, the Cubs, were at bat first.  Jack hit the ball immediately and eventually made it all the way around the bases.  When he crossed home, he immediately came up to me and said, “Aunt Jen, How Did I Do?”    It won’t be long until he doesn’t really care what his Aunt Jen thinks, so it was a wonderful feeling.


“How Did I Do?”


What amazed me is there was one of those ultra competitive parents at this game (on our team!);   And it wasn’t a father, it was the mother.  She was upset because the kids don’t know how to field properly, they don’t understand where to throw the ball when they get it.  She is groaning about bad pitches from the coach that are not allowing the kids to hit properly.  Every time her son would come in from the field she would give him some “helpful” advice.  When he was playing the field she would yell at him, “Trevor, the plays at 2nd Base”  “Trevor, Get On Your Base!”  “Trevor, TAG HIM.”  It was hilarious.  If she is this way for a little league game, can you imagine what this poor kids is going to go through later in life? 


My favorite part of the game came at the end when all the kids were asking, “Who won? Who won?”   When the coach explained it was a Tie, you should have heard the collective groan from the kids as they said, “Again?”  Too bad they don’t’ realize they have a whole season of Ties ahead of them.


The Mighty Jack at Bat


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3 Responses to Little League & “That Parent”

  1. Irma says:

    I know people will be up in arms at my comment but…What the heck is this whole “no score” crap???? Shouldn’t we teach our kids that sometimes you win and sometimes you lose???

  2. Heather (Beaupre) Hummer says:

    Amen to the comment above!! We had the same thing in our coach pitch t-ball league and believe it or not the kids kept track of the score on their own! I thought it was pretty good for a bunch of 6 year old kids!

  3. jkerber says:

    I can understand no score this first year. Heck they are having to concentrate to make sure they are running the right way. But next year, we best have winners and loser!

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