Back in Texas

I arrived in Texas late last night after a two and half hour delay due to the radar issue in Memphis.  I was then awaken bright an early by a grumpy Kendall who wasn’t exactly sure what she wanted.  And from there, the day was non-stop!

Great news is they were able to get the fluid off of Julie’s lungs.  They drained part of the fluid on Tuesday, and were able to get the rest of the fluid today.  (In fact, she lost several pounds because of the fluid loss!) If you see or talk to Julie you can tell she is feeling so much better. It is amazing what being able to breath can do for a person. 

We are hoping she gets to come home on Friday.  She is suppose to rest and get her strength up and we will start chemo for the brain and her body sometime next week.

Kendall said “Night Night” tonight.  So Cute! 

Keep up the prayers and well wishes, they really enjoy it.

BTW, if you are interested you can go to MD Anderson and donate platelets in Julie’s Name.  This will provide a small credit toward Julie’s bill at MD Anderson.  If you are interested, please send me an email and I will provide you her medical record number so you can put it on the form. 

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1 Response to Back in Texas

  1. shazz says:

    hi….i am from australia and wish i lived closer so i could go and donate some platelets for your friend.
    instead i will continue to donate plasma every two weeks (soemthing i have done for over 12 months now) and continue to pray for your friend.
    god bless you all and keep you all in his loving care xxoo

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