Update 4,578

I know it is time for a Blog update but I am not sure what to say.  Times are rough right now for everyone. This morning Julie is at M.D. Anderson getting a perma catheter put in so she can drain her lungs herself.  Her lungs had already started to retain some fluid.  So now she won’t have to keep going back in to have the fluid on her lungs drained.  All went fine with the procedure and she is out now. She will also be doing another round of Chemo tonight. 

For those of you who have been calling upset that Julie was headed to New York on Friday, you can stop.  She is no longer going to New York (I had nothing to do with it. I thought if she wanted to go to New York, she should go).  She has figured out another way to have a great weekend with Hallie, but not go so far away.

I am back in D.C. trying to get some work done on a big event I have on the 17th.  I will be back in Houston all next week, then returning to DC for the big Conference.  On the 18th I will start the Great Road Trip of 2007, driving back to Houston with the Carsonator. 

I can’t leave  you with out a few words on politics.  The one appropriations bill I am hoping Congress will pass is held up right now.  In fact, I am told the House and Senate staffs have been told not to talk to each other about the bill.  Don’t you love that.  What if your boss said to you, “Don’t talk to H.R. until I tell you to” or “What ever you do, don’t talk to Management until I direct you to.”  Really it is shocking their approval rate is as high as 11%. 

That’s all I got for now, will update you when I know more.

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2 Responses to Update 4,578

  1. Guillermo says:

    Ho Jen, what is the Great Road Trip of 2007, driving back to Houston with the Carsonator… about ?.

  2. virginia says:

    ditto on the above…..back for how long? thanks for the update, jenn…have been checking several times a day for any news. of any kind. just something to hang onto. love for now …..

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