Really quick update and I promised to put something better up after Wednesday.

Julie went home from the hospital yesterday. She is very excited to be home and the kids were excited to have her there.  Hopefully she will do a blog post and tell you guys about being recognized by a complete stranger  in the MDA Anderson waiting room from a photo on her blog.

I am back in D.C. for a few days. I have my big conference on Wednesday.  Although my job focuses on policy issues, I get the pleasure (not really) of putting together a large conference on ID Management.  The great news is we were able to secure the Top homeland security official to kick off the conference.  Of course that did not happen until late last week so now we are scrambling trying to accommodate the media that will be attending. 

Carson & I start the great Road Trip of 2007 to Houston, via Orlando, on Thursday.  (I have a wedding to attend in Orlando.  Carson is the ring bearer (not really but hey, he would make a very one and he would walk down the isle as long as it was lined with bones). 

Once again I will ask for your prayers and good wishes, but this time for my brother.  You see he has a VERY important interview tomorrow to be a Life Flight Paramedic.  It is something he has always wanted to do (getting to fly around in a helicopter AND getting to help people until they can get to the hospital).   He is very nervous, but I know he will do fine.  (You should see how handsome he looks in his suit!)  Anyway, his interview is in front of a panel and will be very intimidating.  So, I am praying he walks in like he owns the room and interviews like he is the only candidate for the job.

Good Luck Rob!

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  1. April Dlugach Paine says:

    Jen, thanks for the update. Haven’t wanted to stalk you — but was hoping to hear something. As always, let us know what we can do!


  2. Angie Morton says:

    Thanks for the update Jen.


  3. Debbie Kelley says:

    Rob, you ARE the only candidate for the job! With your compassion, dedication and love of the job, you are going to own the room! Head high, be yourself and don’t let your nerves get the best of you! You know you will ROCK in this job! I look forward to celebrating your sucess on Friday night!

    Jen, I think Nan and Jose would love to have Carson W. as part of their wedding party! I’ll bring the bones. 🙂

    Many prayers continue for Julie, Brendan and their family.

  4. Nancy says:

    Thanks for the update, Jen.

    GOOD LUCK, ROB! I’m sending major positive interview vibes. This is the perfect position for you. I know you’ll be fantastic!
    See you this weekend!

    Jen – you know Carson is welcome in the wedding party… I only hope he won’t be offended if his name is not in the program – they have already been printed…

  5. Jenn G says:

    Got the WII….love it! Good luck Rob!

  6. Ker ber says:

    OHHH! Enjoy the Wii. Be careful of the Wii arm! It can be brutal. We will have to have a Wii game night when I am back in Houston!

  7. Irma says:

    GOOD LUCK Rob…If I absolutely had to be life flighted somewhere, there’s no one I’d rather have pumping me with drugs and making sure I survive!

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