Go Rob!

Thanks for your prayers!  Rob rocked his interview.  I think he is going to get the job. He is VERY excited.

I am drowning in conference stuff. My big wig speaker cancelled on me today with only 18 hours to go.  I then had to call my other keynote (a Member of Congress) and beg to see if we could move his time forward and ask him to speak a little longer.  Boy will I be glad when its all over tomorrow.

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2 Responses to Go Rob!

  1. Carrie says:

    WOW, what a day! Congrats to your brother, and bravo to you for pulling things together despite last minute set backs. Can’t wait to hear how it goes tomorrow!!!

  2. Rob says:

    When you look up the Medical Team at Life Flight this is what it says…..

    The medical team members at Life Flight are highly trained & skilled professionals with years of experience in emergency medicine and critical care. The requirements to become Flight Nurses and Flight Paramedics are very demanding. Our medical team members continue their training and education by continually conducting recurrent skills training under Dr. James “Red” Duke, the Medical Director for Memorial Hermann Life Flight.

    WOW….the battle is half way over….I can’t wait…thanks for eveything!! LOVE YOU!!


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