Road Trip Day 2

A live update from the road, thank you wireless card.  (Brad are you proud of us?)


Carson and I made it into Atlanta just fine yesterday.  I will admit, the 9 hour drive did get a little boring.  Rob made it into Atlanta as well and we met up with Geneen, Andy and Annabelle for dinner (and because we were staying at their house.).  My stomach hurt by the time I went to bed because with Geneen and Rob in the same room all I was doing was laughing.  Geneen took some great shots of Carson (check out her Flickr Account).


As I told you the other day, the one thing Rob and I wanted to do was to see the Georgia Aquarium in Atlanta.  But we had one problem…Carson.  Geneen and Andy live in Duluth, about 45 miles North of the Aquarium (in downtown) and we are in route to Orlando (south) after we leave the Aquarium.  What to do with Carson???


WE needed to get to the Aquarium by 9, so we could get on the road to Orlando, by noon.  We did not want to add an hour and half on to the trip to go back and get Carson and I wasn’t about to leave him in the car.  So last night, we started looking for a Dog Day care that I could leave Carson at that was near the Aquarium.   The one issue I had was that many of those places required an “interview” with the dog before you can drop them off.  (Carson always passes the interview with flying colors, but we really didn’t have time for an interview).  Additionally, I needed to have Carson’s current shot records.  It just so happens I am traveling with a copy of his Rabies record, but not all his current shots.   


So the closets doggie daycare is called: Barking Hound Village – The Athletic Club.  I knew we were in trouble when the front page read:


Our Athletic Club are for our more fitness minded members.*

A facility only for our physically fit dogs over 40 pounds

Dogs play all day so they need to be in great shape


We all looked down at Carson lying on the carpet with his big belly in the air and decided we had to find an alternative. 

Carson Belly

We ended up finding a Petsmart that had grooming and dog daycare.   (We had to go with Grooming because I did not have all Carsons shot records with me).  Now, Carson was a bit perturbed because I had just bathed him on Sunday (at PetsMart) so he would be nice and groomed for the wedding. 


The other small issue with PetsMart grooming is they like a 4 hour window.  When we arrived to pick Carson only 2 hours later he wasn’t exactly ready.  Rob wanted to pretend to get mad at them, “Look, I am tried of this crap, I want my dog NOW!  Give me my dog now…I don’t care if he is wet. This is RIDICULOUS. Your Service leaves a lot to be desired.  I am NEVER coming back here again.”  J


As for the Georgia Aquarium …It is my favorite one yet.  Absolutely Fantastic. 

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2 Responses to Road Trip Day 2

  1. Care says:

    LOL at the road update! I’m sure Brad will indeed be proud.

  2. Heather (Beaupre) Hummer says:

    Boy, and I thought it was hard enough to just find a baby-sitter!!! 🙂

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