Our Night at the Wild Western

One of the problems when traveling with a dog is that you are limited on your hotel choices.  Very few hotels take dogs, and then tend to be more of the “motel” type.  Well if you know me, I am not really a motel kind of girl.  Now, I have found some decent Marriott Residence Inn’s that accept dogs, but that there were none to be found last night. 


Rob and I had a long day on the road and we had planned to stop in Gulfport, Mississippi. I had found a Best Western that allowed dogs, so I made an online.  Well, when we pulled up to the Best Western both Rob and I had a bad feeling about the hotel/motel.  It was connected to Michael’s Nightclub and a Hooters.  In fact, there was a nicer looking Hampton Inn and I told Rob I was willing to break the rules and try to sneak Carson in at the Hampton.  (You see, I am much like my friend Carrie, I like to obey the rules in everything but the speed limit).    Unfortunately, I think everyone chooses the Hampton when they see the BW, so there were no rooms available for us. 


We drove around a bit and all we could find were motels.  So we convinced ourselves it would be all right and checked into the BW.  As soon as we checked in, I ran out to get us some dinner, and to go to Wal-Mart and buy sheets.  I decided I would rather sleep on new unwashed sheets then what we were about to have to do at the motel.  Well, when I returned Rob was busy on the computer and the phone trying to find an alternative.  He said there was no way he was staying here.  You see, he had met the Crack Whore and most likely her Pimp who were rooming next to us.  He had also found what appeared to be spit on the Wall in our room.  He was having flash backs to all the “events” he has worked (as a paramedic) at motels (mainly suicides, over-doses, assaults, a few murders).  So, we attempted to check out 10 minutes after we checked in.  The very astute hotel employee said, “Why you just checked in, is something wrong.”  We DID not get our money back, however they were going to provide us some sort of discount.  Anyway you look at it, I say it is an $80.00 investment in our health and well being.


We were about to start driving the remaining 6 hours to Houston (mind you it was already 10 p.m.) when Rob’s child hood friend Matt steps in to save the day.  You see Matt’s family has a house in Waveland, MS that is sitting empty.  It was recently rebuilt because it was wiped out during Hurricane Katrina.  (Waveland is right on the Gulf Coast in Mississippi.)  Matt had his cousin run over to the house and leave us keys.  So, instead of staying in a crack whore hotel, we stayed in this most amazing, lovely, brand new home.  We slept like babies!  THANK YOU MATT!


It is pouring down rain as there is a cold front blowing through, so we are taking our time to get on the road today.  However, last night as we were trying to find the house, we were driving around in the pitch black but you still see the devastation to this part of Mississippi from Hurricane Katrina (which was over two years ago.)  I can not believe the number of people living in trailers on their proper while rebuilding their homes.  The devastation is everywhere and it has been over 2 years.  I can’t imagine what we are going to see today in the light as we drive back. I will get pictures.

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3 Responses to Our Night at the Wild Western

  1. Guillermo says:

    What adventure…. fortunately you were not alone…. I hope you will arrive to Houston soon and safe……. please sent some pictures of the area…

  2. Irma says:

    Wow…I’ve never met a real live crack whore – Rob…was it just like in the movies?

  3. angie says:

    Jen I looked at the wedding pictures. You look so beautiful. Not too bad for a day on the road! And Nancy looks so gorgeous too, not to mention happy!

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