Its That Time of Year Again

Did You Know:

  • Cancer is the number two killer of Texans, killing more than 35,000 Texans each year.
  • Each year more than 77,000 Texans develop cancer.
  • Cancer has a substantial economic impact on the state, costing Texans more than $4 billion each year.

Why am I telling you this?  Because I hope you will keep it in mind on Tuesday.


Listen up people, you got somewhere to be next Tuesday, November 6, 2007….You Need To Go VOTE!  


(Forgive me for only focusing on Texas in this blog, but that is where I am right now and this election is important).


Yes you guys are correct, I don’t tend to nag you to vote during the off-year election cycles, but this year it is different for you folks in Texas.  You see there are 16 Propositions on the Ballot in Texas that seek to amend the Texas Constitution (which is a nightmare in and of itself, but I won’t go into that on this blog), one of which directly pertains to Cancer Research and Funding.


Now as I always like to say, I don’t care which way you vote (even for the Cancer Research Funding proposition) I just think it is important your voice is heard.  I also like to provide you with as much information as I can so you are an informed voter (nothing scares me more then the idea of some crazy people voting, but this is America, and that is what makes us great.) 

So you can become educated on the issues that will be on the Ballot in Texas you can go to a great unbiased review of all 16 Ballot propositions that was done by the Texas Legislative Council

(a great government research bureau used by Members of the Texas Legislature when they want to become more informed on certain issues that they are considering creating legislation for…yes folks, I did just say that your Representatives actually DO try to learn all they can before the legislate, please don’t act so surprised.)  Click Here to Get the Report.  This document contains a 1-3 page overview of every issue on the ballot and it gives you both sides of each argument.  You can now make an informed decision.


Additionally, I often hear people say they cannot vote because they don’t have time on voting day or they don’t know where to vote.  Not to worry, that is why I am here. 


  • Where do I go vote?  Click here and it will tell you the location of our polling place (you need your driver’s license).
  • I am too busy on Tuesday.  Well you are in luck, you can vote early up until the end of the day on Friday.  So get out there and vote.

And if you just need information about general voting issues go here:


P.S. I will try to do an update on Hallies birthday party and Julie & Brendan later.  Everyone is doing well.

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3 Responses to Its That Time of Year Again

  1. va says:

    many thanks for taking such good care of us!! will read everything this evening….and by the way, you DO KNOW, don’t you, that some of the people who are actually reading your blog will eventually get cancer…..I now feel totally differently about the word than I did before June, 2006 and Sept 2006…..Thanks again….


  2. Heather (Beaupre) Hummer says:

    You must have been reading my mind. No kidding my husband and I were just looking around the internet to even find out what was on the ballot this time around. I plan on doing my research today and I will be off to vote tomorrow morning. Thanks for the links!

  3. Guillermo says:

    I support that…even though I can not vote for it….

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