Lets all tell Rob Congrats!  He got the perfect job for him. He will now be a paramedic for Life Flight

I don’t know how much you guys in Houston or outside of Houston know about Life Flight, but it is the TOP.  As I think about this Job and Rob growing up I can’t believe how perfect it is for him. He was always obsessed with helicopters and planes (I mean what little boys aren’t…but this was past the age of being a little boy.)  He has always wanted to learn to fly (not sure why he hasn’t done that yet).  Now, he will get to ride on a Helicopter and be a paramedic.  Pretty good deal for him.

He also got to meet the famous Dr. Red Duke, who will now be his boss.  In fact, during his “interview” with Dr. Duke they actually stopped and listened to the song Poncho & Lefty.  You know it is a good fit for Rob when the job involves a boss who loves Willie Nelson, Helicopters, Trauma, and Aggies (Yes, he is an Aggie).

Again, I don’t know how much anybody from outside the State of Texas know about Dr. Duke, but he is a pretty impressive guy who likes to wear cowboy boots.  I actually got work in the emergency room with him back in 1994.  I was getting my Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) certification (yes the need to be involved in emergency services runs in the family) and I was assigned to Herman Hospital during spring break weekend.  It was a FANTASTIC experience (for those of you who like trauma). Anyway, we were working on a drunk driver who had come into the E.R.  on a Sunday morning (I mean really who the heck is drunk on Sunday morning at 9 a.m.) after being ejected about 100 feet through his windshield while going 60 miles an hour on a freeway (no seat belt folks…really need to make sure you are wearing one).  Because we had gotten a pulse on him as he arrived at the emergency room, we were obligated to try and save him (even though I could feel his brain and his neck had been separated from his spine (i.e. vegetable))

So I am in this trauma room and there are about 25 doctors and nurses in there…all o us covered up head to toe in the blue gowns you see in the movie’s…everyone was shouting out different things, doing different tests, every so often you would hear them yell to clear out the room because they were going to do an x-ray.  I was standing on the sidelines absorbing it all (and LOVING IT) when in walks this man wearing the blue medical outfit, with a hat, and a blue mask, and his cowboy boots (he did not cover up his cowboy boots with the little blue slip on covers).  Everyone got quiet and Dr. Duke asked “What Do We Have Hear?” (with an East Texas accent…not sure if that is where he is from, but that is what it sounded like to me…perhaps it is West Texas).  Anyway, he took control of the scene, absorbed what everyone was saying, and offered his advice.  The next thing I know the Doctors were wheeling the patient off to surgery arguing over whether they were going to listen to Jimmy Buffet or Tom Petty during the operation. 

That was my first experience into how an Emergency Room really works.  I found it fascinating (maybe that is my next career).

Long Blog only just to say Congrats Rob, I am so proud of you!

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1 Response to YAY ROB

  1. Debbie says:

    CONGRATULATIONS ROB!! We knew all along you were the man for the job! Who knows, maybe you will be the next Dr. Red Duke!?! Great job–you should be very proud of yourself.

    Love the “drunk guy” and other surprise photos from the wedding! FUNNY, FUNNY stuff!! 🙂 I’m waiting for my Texas country CD.

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