We Need Blood

Howdy folks. We need a little help.  Julie’s account for blood is in the negatives as she is needing more blood then we are giving.  If you are able, can you please go donate blood in Julie’s name.  You do not need to go to MD Anderson to do it, however you do need her full name and medical blood number: 624649.

There are several location in Houston that are MD Anderson Blood Banks (including one in the Clear Lake Area).

If you are out of state, ask your Blood Banks if the participate in the Replacement Credit Program and if they have a reciprocal agreement with M.D. Anderson. If so, they blood will go directly to Julie.  If not, consider donating anyway.  Blood is always needed.

P.S. For those of you who have donated recently here is the 411 on how often you can donate:

  • Whole blood every 56 days 
  • Platelets every 48 hours, only twice a week, up to 24 times in one year 
  • Platelets and red blood cells together every 56 days
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11 Responses to We Need Blood

  1. Melissa SAdd says:

    Hey Jen I will go in the morning to donate blood over here in Clear Lake. How is Julie doing? Talk to you soon Melissa

  2. Geneen says:

    It hasn’t been 56 days for me, but if it had been, you know I’d do it immediately. Will recruit as many others as I can though.

  3. Running Mel says:

    Hi Jen; I’ll go down and donate this week, but what does it mean exactly that Julie’s account is negative? Don’t they have to give her the blood she requires regardless of how much others have donated on her behalf or is she in jeopardy here? Thanks.

    Hey, I think I heard you were coming to H-Town on Thursday. If so, safe travels and hope to see you while you are here!


  4. Nicole says:

    Hey guys,
    I went and donated platelets last night at the Clear Lake location and just wanted to add a little more information.
    You can donate platelets every 48 hours and Julie gets the same credit as if you were to donate whole blood (which you can only donate every 56 days). From start to finish it took about two hours and ten minutes(this includes all the paperwork, setting up the machine and the draw) but Jaime, the tech, is super nice and does all he can to make sure you are comfortable while you’re there. It wasn’t any more painful than donating whole blood, it just took a little longer!
    I think this is how the “credit” thing works, Julie doesn’t have to pay for the actual blood or platelets she receives(unless MD Anderson has to buy blood from another bank), but she does have to pay for the TRANSFUSION. This is where credits come into play. You can call 713-792-7777 and they will answer all of your questions or address any concerns you may have.
    I’ll be going back either first thing Friday morning or next Tuesday evening. Hope to see some you there!

  5. Kerber says:

    Julie gets the blood no matter what, but our efforts keep the cost off her account. As you know hospital bills can be very high. Blood is always in needed supply so if you have people donate blood or platelets in your name, you don’t have to pay for Blood on your bill. However, if you are “negative” then you are paying a high price for blood.

    I figured I would put the call out because it is one of the easy things we can do to help the Lyons family and other families in need. On a great note, apparently the Blood Bank in Clear Lake has had SEVERAL people come in and donate in Julies names. THANKS GUYS!!!!

  6. Frank says:

    Jen, apparently your email worked yesterday. Jaime at MD Anderson in Nassau Bay told us several people came in yesterday to donate in Julie’s name.

    Thanks for the update and mobilizing the ARMY.

    You’re a great friend to all. You rock!!

    PS: Angie couldn’t give last night. her iron level was too low. We got her some supplements and she will be wolfing down red meat this week. She’s going back in next Tues.

  7. Pam C says:

    I’m in FL and can’t donate whole blood until December, but passed along to someone I know in Julie’s neck of the woods and ask that she pass the word to anyone she knew that could donate.

  8. Melissa says:


    I gave blood yesterday @ the Clear Lake GCR Blood Center and they said I could give a “voucher” to Julie. The medical blood # above does not work in their system. They call their # a “friendly donor” id. Does Julie have one of these? If not, I think all I need to know is Julie’s full name, dob and address. Would you email this to me so that I can make sure she gets her “voucher”.


  9. Yvette says:

    Hi Jen –

    I’m a friend of Julie’s. Do you have to be a certain blood type to donate for her? I’ve got O+ and my husband has Type A. Let me know, thanks. You can call me on my cell # 281-948-1695 or you can just respond to my e-mail. Thanks.


  10. Frank Harrigan says:

    Can you tell me which benefits more , whole blood or platelets ? Thank’s

  11. Ker ber says:

    Platelets or Whole Blood benefit Julie the same in the way of a credit to her account. However I think people tend to donate Blood more than platelets as it tends to be quicker. They are all in need.

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