If you know me, you know the one thing I hate is being the center of attention especially if it means people stare at me. Brendan & Julie knew this all to well. For years after college I could not go to dinner with my friends without them telling the wait staff that it was my birthday. Or they would often spread the word to stare at me, thus making me blush and get very squirmy. I have not had the honor of being the “Birthday Girl” at a restaurant since I moved to D.C. 8 years ago. That was until this past Sunday.

Last Sunday I went to dinner with Julie, Brendan, Brad and Carrie. I was having a fantastic time and thought nothing of it when Brendan got up to go the bathroom. Well I was completely shocked and turned bright red when the wait staff came out and handed me a sword and a funny hat and sang Happy Birthday. Brad and Brendan figured out it was my 425th Month birthday and signed my photo.  (Many people say I don’t look a day over 400 months).  It is a nice last picture to have with Julie.


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4 Responses to Dinner

  1. G&C says:

    It really is a VERY nice picture. What a fantastic team you make… Keep that “souvenir” forever. God bless you.

  2. April says:

    that’s a great pic… happy belated birthday… sorry we missed it… see you when you get back to Houston … we love you and travel safe!

    April & Jen

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