Winter…Oh how I dislike thee

These past two days have been ones in which I would have called Julie and we would have had a good laugh.  You see I got almost 4” of snow yesterday, and I hate snow.  In fact, I just hate winter.  On these days I would normally call Julie and lament on what a PAIN IN THE BUTT it is to function in snow!  She of course would laugh and tell me dreamily about how she thought she might like to live where it snowed.  Of course then I would go into a long diatribe about all the reasons why she would hate it.  We would then end the conversation with her feeling pretty good about her decision to live in a place where snow was a rarity.


So, I shall relay to you why I am miserable.  Many of you are aware of my battle with Mother Nature during the winter months for the past 8 years. In fact, many of you have gotten The Winter Chronicles emails.  You see I live on the backside of a Hill that does not get a lot of direct sunlight.  To get to my house you have to go up a slight hill.  So when it snows it turns to ice and then just stays on my street for a long time.  (BTW, did I mention that the snow plows have only ONCE in 8 years treated my street?  That was last year and only because everyone on the block started calling everyday requesting they treat our street.)


I am currently in DC, yet my SUV is in Texas…so I have a rental car. It is a no thrills Dodge Stratus.  (When I say no thrills, I mean not even electric locks or key-less entry).  It snowed yesterday and I forgot that when it snows I need to park facing down the hill.  Well, I did not do that. So this morning it took me 30 minutes to get off my street.  At first I could not even move in my was pure ice.  Eventually I slid on the ice down the hill backwards praying to God that I did not hit my neighbors cars parked on the sides of the street (you see they were smart and did not go to work today.  I had a must attend meeting!).  Then, when I got to the end of my street, I had to slide in reverse down another Hill.  As you can imagine all this sliding backwards down hills made me very nervous, which in turn made me angry at the situation, which then caused me to slewing a string of not so nice words as I prayed to God that I would not hit any cars or people on my way down.  It was really like sledding backwards in a car.  That’s enough to put anyone in a foul mood.


Then I get to work and there are all these excited people about the first snow fall of the season and how much it really put them in the Christmas Spirit.  That of course annoys me even more.  I have decided that the people who get really excited about the snow have never experienced life without it.  They don’t know what it is like not to have to shovel out of your parking spot, not to have to put on a thick jacket, scarf, long underwear, gloves, ear muffs, wear snow boots but bring your work shoes in the car, carry an extra pair of pants so the snow doesn’t ruin your good work pants, scrape the ice and snow off your car, warm up your car so you can defrost the windows.  They have never lived in a land where you don’t have to slide backwards down an icy road in fear for your life.  They simply must not understand the joy of being able to just get in your car and drive safely to work.



Although this picture is from last year, you can see the gentle downward slope of the Hill.  You can also see the massive amount of cars parked on the side of the street.  There are just as many on the side you can’t see. 



Again, another old picture, but this is the view from my house that show the unsurmountable Hill that no car can climb when the road contains snow and ice.  In fact, this was my front view this moring, as I was sliding backwards down the Hill.

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7 Responses to Winter…Oh how I dislike thee

  1. Derek says:


    I remember the good ol’ days dealing with the exact same hills in my old truck with the manual transmission. I had some good times sliding around those hills! I think my favorite had to be trying to get UP the hill on my way home from work, only to get near the top and then have the wheels start spinning before beginning the inevitable slide to the bottom, praying that nobody was passing through the intersection. In order to get up the hill in my truck, you had to get a pretty serious running start, that basically required a hail Mary through an intersection.

    I also remember that the street never got plowed and that one time it was icy on our street for WEEKS after the snow and ice had melted from the surrounding area…

    Oh well, at least be glad that 1) winter in DC is short and 2) it rarely goes below 25 degrees.

  2. Judy Langhamer says:

    You were the best friend to Julie- thank you! God be with you during this time of great loss. Thank you. I am so sorry for your pain.

  3. Jenny Arkinson says:

    When will The Winter Chronicles Season 8 start coming? Reading them is one of my favorite pasttimes during those chilly months… and it helps me feel secure in my boring life of never living anywhere but Houston. Yippee for having only two seasons! Hehe. Hey, if you ever want to lament over how winter is treating you or discuss the ups and downs of Lucifer the winter coat or that darned fancy snow shovel, give me a ring!!!

  4. Kerberism says:

    Hahahah Jenny. I will have you know that I broke out the Artic Blaster 2000 today to shovel out part of my car in hopes that I COULD make it up the Hill. I have to say in the 8 years I have lived here that Artic Blaster 2000 Snow Shovel is the best investment I have made. 🙂 Just sorry it took me 4-5 years to get it!

  5. Lynn Barnett says:

    Keep yourself safe on that icy hill. It looks like a great sledding hill though.

    Winter Chronicle emails? Can some of us lurkers ask to be on that list? Haha!

    Did that unitard come back out this year?

  6. Heather (Beaupre) Hummer says:

    I feel your pain!!! I lived in New Hampshire from 1990-1993 but I was smart enough to come back home to Texas!! I am now very grateful for the easy living we have down here!!! Here’s to a short winter for ya!

  7. Kate says:

    I, too have seen your hill in winter … sorry you’re having to deal with it, yet again. I remember the first snowfall last year and I called you to tell you that one of the local TV stations was broadcasting from your street on the weather. This is one of the main, positive reasons for living in equatorial Africa … no snow!!!!! Stay warm and sending you lots of love … Kate

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