Oh the weather outside is frightful…

Well not too frightful yet…but the weather men are all in a tizzy!  You see, the various weather patterns could be converging for a Nor’easter or, as some say, it could be a blizzard.  It’s a weather-man’s dream.  If you check out the national weather, it looks like DC may just get some snow this weekend, nothing major.  The Nor’easter will be reserved for those further up the Eastern shore.  But, if you listen to our local news stations, the weather men are having a hay day.  I think perhaps it might be the most exciting thing that ever “Could” happen in their lifetime.  It cracks me up.  They even start to speculate if schools might be closed next week.  I wonder if perhaps we might wait until the snow actually falls before we cancel school.  


The good news is the snow should not start falling until Saturday and I have a flight out of here on Friday!  (Back to the land of shorts for Christmas.)


For a little laugh I thought I would share with you a short video of my dog Carson coming through the dog door. Normally this would not be video worthy however, he is currently wearing a large white Elizabethan type collar due to some minor surgery.  The collar is larger then the dog door.  But Carson has decided that he wasn’t going to let anything get in the way of his freedom to come and go.  So by just using sheer force he shoves that collar, and his head, through the dog door.  It sounds like a freight train busting through the house…very funny!


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1 Response to Oh the weather outside is frightful…

  1. hhummer says:

    Too funny! Be prepared it might be below 80 here in Texas this weekend!!

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