New Year Eve, Cancer, and Politics

New Years eve was great, but mainly because it rang in the start of a New Year, and I have to believe 2008 will be better then the past 14 months.  Plus, I am looking forward to returning to Washington, D.C. and starting a new Congressional/Political season.


Last night I learned of another young person (my generation) who lost their battle with Cancer. It was my friend Abby’s cousin who lost a 10 year battle with bone cancer.  He died at the young age of 30.


We have done something to our environment that is causing my generation to get Cancer at a much earlier age then ever before.  We have invented something that is now a part of our everyday life that is a carcinogen.   We have to figure out what that is and make a change. I am only 35 years and in the past year and a half I have been sent a clear message from God about cancer:

  • My friend in Dallas (35 years old at the time), father of 3 children under the age of 5, was diagnosed with stomach cancer.  He was told that had he not gone to the emergency room that day, he would not have made it another month.  After having his stomach removed, massive amounts of chemo and radiation he has been cancer free for almost six months.  
  • My friend in California was diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer.  She was 29 years old and had a one year old at the time.  After surgery and chemo she has been cancer free for two months.
  • My cousin (36 years old) in New Hampshire was diagnosed with Thyroid cancer.  She is the mother of a 9 month old.   Today she had surgery to remove the cancer.  All went well with the surgery. 
  • As you know Julie (age 35) recently died after a 14 month battle with Melanoma leaving behind a husband and three small children (and an army of fighting ants).


I hear you God; I hear you loud and clear.  I hope everyone else is listening.  I am wondering if perhaps He wants me to start raising a little noise.  He knows I can be loud and outspoken.  If we start shouting about this injustice do you think we can start to curb the spread of cancer?  I am so thankful Lance Armstrong is out there raising a little noise.  I just need to figure out what I need to do.


Two other quick notes which will probably be fodder for a later blog:

  • Nancy and I hit the road driving back to DC tomorrow morning (Friday) at 5:30 a.m.   Perhaps we will have some blogs from the road. 
  • I am so glad the Presidential race is in full swing.  The Caucuses have started and we will soon have Republican and Democrat Presidential Candidates.  I have also decided who I am going to back.  Through my work I have been able to hear from the policy advisors of several of the campaigns.  That, combined with my research have lead me to a candidate…but you will have to wait for another blog to find out who that lucky person is.  J


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4 Responses to New Year Eve, Cancer, and Politics

  1. angie says:

    Don’t forget to keep Marty up to date on all things political! ANd encourage him to register!!

    I am with you; glad we are starting a new year, a fresh slate, a renewed outlook on life, and time to change the world? Too much to ask? I have decided that I am going to start with just smiling at the grumpy clerk and chatting with them for the small bit tha TI am in their line in hopes that it can change their day. I am going to let the A$*hole behind me pass if he is THAT determined to go 90 down the freeway and I am holding him back. Obviuosly his day is more important than mine. SO I am going to take some baby steps. I will leave the big DC stuff to you 😉

  2. Hey there – You may not remember me…we went to high school together. I found out about sweet Julie on our CLHS website. I remember you guys most from the senior musical. Your friendship is inspiring. YOU are a wonderful person for being such a pillar of strength for Julie. I know she must have treasured you. I cried into the wee hours of the night I read she had passed. Unfortunately, I relate to what Julie has gone through. Her story has touched a very deep cord with me. When my son was 14 months old, I was diagnosed with stage IIIC breast cancer (September 2005). As I started the grueling treatment to save my life, my sister Tiffany (she was a freshman when we were seniors) started “Michelle’s Angels”. Since it’s inception, we have raised over $42,000 for breast cancer research (Susan G. Komen walks). I was named to the “Honorary Team New Balance” this year
    I spoke to thousands and started the race in Austin this year. We are in the INFANT stages of setting up a foundation (Michelle’s Angels) to help young mothers diagnosed with cancer. The only reason I tell you this is that I would love to talk with you about “making some noise” 🙂 In my little corner of the world, I have managed to muster up some awareness..but would love to work on a larger scale. My goal is to make something positive out of this terrible mess. There is DEFINATELY something out their in our environment (food or someething) that is causing all of this cancer. I am convinced that we can work together to stop this deadly disease in it’s tracks. Once you get back to DC and settled in, kick me an email if you want…would love to talk. God bless you and keep you on your trip back home. Happy New Year!!!

    Michelle (Tull) Bynum

  3. Care says:

    I hear ya and feel much the same way. Lots of thoughts swirling around in my head about this subject. I’ll be posting my thoughts soon…

  4. G&C says:

    If I were the president of my country I swear I’ll devote all the money spent in armament to fight cancer.

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