My Favorite Season…Campaign Season

I made it back to D.C.  The drive was great and I can’t thank Nancy enough for doing it. I have to tell you, it was made so much nicer thanks to the Garmin Nuvi GPS.  I highly recommend it. 


You know I have been busy if I haven’t commented on anything during this High Political season, one of my favorite seasons (Just ask my old college roommates..I would drag them into knowing more then they ever wanted to know about campaign season).  I made it back to D.C.  The drive was great and I can’t thank Nancy enough for doing it. I have to tell you, it was made so much nicer thanks to the Garmin Nuvi GPS.  I highly recommend it.  Nancy stayed with me this past week and I think she learned more than she wanted to about the campaigns.  She was forced to listen to me talk back to the TV Pundits or the Candidates during the debate.  I suspect she is going to be able to hold her own when she returns to Florida.


So, I am getting a lot of questions along the lines of: Why do the Primaries Matter and Am I supposed to vote in these Primaries?  Well I would like to tell you they don’t matter, but as you can see the Press loves them and they do help determine the two candidates that will be running for President.  They generate a lot of buzz about candidates and that is often how people “choose” their candidates.  So if you want a say in whom you get to vote for in November, I suggest you vote in the Primaries. 


Voting Information (for the two main States Represented on the Blog)


You have to be Registered to vote by Feb 4

The Primary is March 4

How to Register to Vote & Where to mail your registration

Address Change Update Online or fill out a new Form



The Primary Election is Jan 29

Sorry, for those of you not already registered you will not be able to vote in the Primary.


I just love campaign season.  And in case you have not caught any news lately and couldn’t tell, we are in the middle of campaign season for next years Presidential Election.  I have decided I am going with McCain.  It took me a long time to come to my decision because frankly nobody was grabbing me and I wanted to make sure my candidate could win.  Although I am a Republican I still vote for candidate who best aligns with my views on the issue I find important at that time and for that election. (i.e.  the issues on a local or state level are different then federal level…I would never take an issue controlled by the States and use it as a litmus test for a candidate for Federal office.).  I also genuinely like Edwards and I was drawn to Obama’s charisma (got a download on his policies and I ran).  I have been lucky enough though my work to hear from many of the campaigns in a small setting regarding their domestic policy decision.  That played a huge roll in my decision.


With any election I believe you have to pick three or four key issues that are your top concern.  Then you have to find the Candidate who can be a leader and who you think best handles those issues.  I have chosen McCain.  (For a myriad of reasons but it would be much to long to go into it all here).  Why McCain?  I almost went with him last time but then I was drawn to give the Governor of my home state a shot at the big time.  My apprehension for McCain comes from the fact that he is a renegade.  But then, that is exactly what I love about him.  He does what he thinks is best and he is willing to cross party lines and negotiate on key issues if He believes it is in the best interest of this country.  So then I have to ask myself, do I trust him to make the right decisions for me?  Well, obviously if I have decided he is my guy. 


So, that is just for me and it may not be for any of you.  You have to pick your candidate yourself.  As I have always said, I just want you to vote!  Perhaps in a future Blog I will go through how I eliminated all the other candidates. 


BTW: I am on the Train to New York for a Broadway Show Weekend.  It is soo nice taking the train, and it only takes 2 hours and 45 minutes to get there from D.C.  Not bad.  I might have to consider this option again in the future.  

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2 Responses to My Favorite Season…Campaign Season

  1. kathy says:

    Glad you made it back safely. Enjoy New York!

  2. I have been eagerly awaiting for your political update. Thanks for the post. I am still undecided as of right now. Being a believer in Reagan economics I am still trying to figure out who is my best choice. Hopefully I can figure it out before March 4th!! Love hearing your political rants!!

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