A Weekend in the Big City

I am sitting here on the Acela Train speeding back to D.C. from a fabulous weekend trip to New York City.  The Train is really a fantastic way to travel, and if you get on a fast one (like the Acela) without a lot of stops, it is really so much better then flying.  I have a comfortable seat, plenty of arm and leg room, a table and electrical plug for my laptop, and there is a food and beverage train should I feel the need to for something.  There is plenty of room for my luggage (as many pieces as I wanted to bring on) and no one stopped me and made me throw out my water bottle.  In fact, all my liquids are traveling in my bag above my head. J  Although the train is a little more expensive then flying, it has a better track record during winter.  I have missed several Broadway shows due to snow delayed/cancelled airline flights.  


It was a girls weekend in New York City with my cousins and Aunt (a Christmas Gift weekend).  It was fantastic. I wish I had my camera with me because I would have taken a picture of a classic New Yorker: I saw an elderly woman using a walker but wearing 3” high heels.  She was willing to do anything for fashion.    I love visiting New York but I don’t think I could ever live there. 


We stayed in a great hotel just off Central Park on the Upper East Side called Surrey Hotel.  It was a wonderful hotel in a great non tourist-y area of the city.  We went window shopping along 5th Avenue and ended up finding a fantastic sale at Bloomingdales.  We took long walks in Central Park and I saw two Broadway shows: The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee and Spring Awakening.  They were amazing.  Every time I see a Broadway show I wonder why I bother seeing plays anywhere else. There is really nothing I have ever seen in the United States on par with a Broadway performance. They actors, sound, stage, and set are just so amazing.  Spring Awakening was all the rage in 2007 and won several Tony Awards.  Although it was a great show, I am not exactly sure why it was all the rage.  I think it might be because the play was banned for 100 years in Europe and was rather risqué. But really a little bit of nudity does not make you a Tony Award Winner.  That being said, it was still a really great show, but it is one of the few Broadway Plays that I would not go see again.  The Spelling Bee play was amazing and is in its final days of production (its been there for a long time). 


But the absolute best part of the weekend was eating at Daniel Boulud’s original restaurant, Daniel.  It was the best fine dining experience I have ever had.  The restaurant is this cute small quaint restaurant on the Upper East Side.  Our wait staff was impeccable (and very easy on the eyes) and the food was the best I have ever had.   I would highly recommend this experience to anyone.  It is not cheap but well worth every penny.


Also, the best part of the trip, we got out just before the incoming snow storm.  Sweet. J 

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