Politics, The Media and Snow

My Work

An issue I have been working on for over three years was finally released in final form on Friday.  (Don’t you love that it takes three years for me to accomplish one thing…and it is not even really an accomplishment, but more of a milestone.  Got to love Government.)  I suspect many of you will be hearing of the Real ID program now, if you have not already.  This is what I have been doing with my life lately.  The program requires States to increase the security of driver’s licenses and identification documents.  (Don’t believe any of the negative stuff/propaganda you read on it.)  Although I am very excited to reach this milestone, it only means that I have just started climbing the Hill.  You would not think the concept of ensuring someone is who they say they are and only issuing one license per person would be so controversial, but it is.  At least work is never boring!


Today is another one of my favorite days…another Primary Election happening today (Michigan) and two more on Saturday (Nevada and Republican Primary in South Carolina).  I am hoping for a win by John McCain today, but it is not a must win.  Many people say Michigan is a must win for Romney but really, there are no must wins until Feb. 5 when nearly half of the states will hold their primaries.  But, I think if Romney doesn’t come in first today he will take a hit in the media which will make it hard for him in the next couple of primaries.  I am eagerly awaiting Saturday’s Republican primary in South Carolina.  This was a state that McCain almost took when he was running against Bush.  But, South Carolina is also a state where you would expect a strong showing for the true conservatives: Huckabee and Thompson.  As for the Democrats…who knows but I can’t believe I am seeing the top two candidates spar over race. 

Oh yes and I want to take the time to Thank Congress for holding a hearing today on Steroid Use by Baseball Players. There is really nothing more pressing than this going on right now.  No No, I would not prefer you hold a hearing on economic stability, how to deal with Pakistan, the growing rise of the Taliban in Afghanistan, how to help the homeless, how to stimulate the economy, how to educate our children so we can be competitive on a global scale.  No, definitely my main concern right now is what to do about the rampant use of steroids in American’s favorite pastime: Baseball.  Again Congress, thank you for being so in tune with your citizens.

The Media

Yesterday I was forced to watch LIVE Coverage of whether or not Brittany Spears would show up to her custody hearing.  Is this really news????  I am telling you each of the top news stations, CNN, MSNBC, FOXNews were covering this story for most of the day.  It DRIVES me crazy. I watch the news to make sure I am on top of things that could effect my life.  Brittany Spears is not news, and  I am pretty sure she would like the media to chill out.  Does anyone really tune in to find out if she went to her custody hearing?  Were massive amounts of people really turning the TV Channel hoping to find live streaming video coverage of the court house?  I am only sorry my friend no longer works for CNN. It always made me feel better to call her and complain.

The Winter Chronicles

We have snow flurries and it is so cold today that the Hot sandwich I bought for lunch was cold after I walked the two blocks back to my office.  Got to love Winter.  I hate this weather, but Carson loves it.


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4 Responses to Politics, The Media and Snow

  1. Congrats on the milestone. Keep on climbing that hill for us little people, we appreciate it.
    Thank you for the comment on baseball!! I did not elect these people to figure out the world of sports. In my opinion the entire steriod issue reminds me a lot of McCarthyism. Just for the record my 15 year old daughter is complaining about Brittany Spears being on the news. She said that is what we have the tabloids for!

  2. va says:

    hey!! I just had the biggest belly laugh I’ve had in awhile!! You sound like me when I get wound up……

    OK…my bud in Michigan, Janette, is very active in political circles in Ann Arbor/Detroit…talked to her day before yesterday. She says McCain should take it …Romney has some who really don’t like him at all….as for the Dems and the “race” issue….well, that’s pretty darn funny, really. Hillary Clinton/Bill Clinton are true friends to blacks, and always have been. Obama, if he is smart, will shy away from those types of discussions….you know I’m truly hoping for Hillary to make the run….but if, by chance, she doesn’t make it, well, McCain will get my vote. OK. I said it. Are you proud? Guess that makes me a true independent, huh?

    OK, here’s my theory….(I’ve already told the girls, and they got a huge laugh out of it…)I think you Republicans are funding Obama’s campaign….I think all his backing are the Republicans trying to push him over the top so they don’t have to run a candidate against her….if she runs, you guys are in deep doody…..OK…what do you think???

    Love, really,


    ps stay warm, dear one. Know it is cold, but you signed up for it, remember??!!

  3. jackson4 says:

    well? Did she show up at court?

  4. shirl says:

    Thanks for taking the time to update….ENJOYED!
    We are having “winter slop” here in the Houston area…


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