Going Rate for a Tooth

I got the cutest call two nights ago from Hallie.  Her top front left tooth is loose. It is her first one and she is very excited about the idea that it will fall out and she will then leave it for the tooth fairy. 


What is going rate for the tooth fairy these days?  I used to get a $1.00 and apparently that was pretty good in 1976. 


I had a nice weekend with friends and family.  Saturday evening we had a girl’s night with some of my Aggie friends in D.C.  The best part about hanging out with a bunch of Texans is we make authentic Texas foods!!!  Brittany even travels with her own knives and food processor and makes a mean thing of salsa (so hot I can’t eat it) and guacamole. 



Aggie Girls: Kelsey, Jen, Brittany, Cori, Kristi  (Debbie was missing)



Brittany.  Notice the straw in the wine…a girls got to have a drink while cooking!


On Sunday I had my two little cousins Jack (6) and Kate (4) spend the night.  (Monday was a holiday for most of us in the Nation’s Capital).  I got a nice guilt trip because they kept asking me why I was gone so long!  We had a great time.  I am pretty sure Jack is using me for my Wii and PlayStation.  Kate cracked me up.  When she arrived she took her snow boots off and she was wearing her pink mittens as socks.  I had a good hearty laugh as she proceeded to tell me “Did it myself…its silly.”  J



Jack & Kate


BTW, if you have not gone to see the movie Juno, I would highly recommend you go see it ASAP!  It is one of the best movies I have seen in a long time.  Nancy and I went to see it a few weeks ago and we talked about it for hours afterwards.  It is a truly enjoyable movie.

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5 Responses to Going Rate for a Tooth

  1. Susan says:

    We gave our kids $20.00 for their 1st missing tooth. Then it dropped to $1.00 for each missing tooth thereafter. Problem is, my kids tend to loose multiple teeth within a few days. So the toothfairy shells out several dollars over a short period of time.

  2. We gave our kids a silver dollar from the year they were born, which they were able to trade in for a dollar bill and the silver dollar was then placed in their special box each of them have. Any teeth after that were worth 50 cents.

  3. Lynn says:

    Our boys get $1 tooth unless it is one the dentist has to remove, which happened to Nick. We couldn’t pull them since they kept moving back up into the socket so the dentist pulled it. He got $2.50 per tooth for those two.

  4. Brendan says:

    Holy #$%!…. 20 bucks!!!! It does not help my case at all that it was the first tooth. Hal has two teeth that are equally loose. She could loose them both at the same time and then I am out $40?? I dont think so!!! I don’t want to have to visit my financial planner just to afford my role as the “Tooth Dude”. (I am NOT ever going to be a fairy… LOL)

  5. Ker ber says:

    I think perhaps we can all call you the Tooth Dude, but for the Children’s sake maybe you still refer to it as the Tooth Fairy. I don’t want them to get in some conversation at school wondering why the Tooth Fairy goes to so and so’s house but yet the Tooth Dude comes to their house. (Or perhaps you can just tell the kids the Tooth Dude is the Tooth Fairy’s Husband.)

    Perhaps you should have the kids Call the Tooth Fairy. This is what Liz used to do with her Nieces. Their Mom would make a call to the Tooth Fairy and “leave a message” that they had a tooth that was going to be left that night. The Tooth Fairy (Liz) would then call back and talk to the kids about the situation. Apparently this worked just fine for a few years until one of the girls said, “Is this Aunt Liz???”

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