SOU & Florida

Oh the excitement. Tonight is Bush’s last State of the Union (SOU) address.  I am very interested to watch, although I don’t expect anything earth shattering to come out of it.   Again, I always like to see who is surrounding the First Lady.  I also like to figure out which cabinet member does not attend the Speech.  Every year at least one Cabinet member, and since 9/11, two Members of Congress do not attend the State of the Union Address.  That is to ensure the Continuity of Government in case something happened during the SOU.  I don’t know who won’t be there tonight, guess we have to wait until this evening.


Of  course I am most excited about tomorrows Florida primary election. So much hinges on Florida (once again!).  Will we find out that Rudy’s Florida strategy was just wrong?  (Yes we will. I am not sure he can recover if he comes in 3rd in Florida.  I have to wonder about his campaign advisors. I think some poor decisions were made by his advisors).  


Will it be Romney or McCain.  It will be a very significant win if McCain takes Florida.  Florida is a closed primary state (meaning you have to be a registered Republican to vote in the Republican Primary in Florida).  Well, McCain appeals more to the middle of the road Republicans and Independents.  The Independent can’t vote in this primary. The only way McCain can win is with a significant amount of Republican votes.  That will be major defeat for Romney, and a major statement for McCain.   However, I believe Romney might squeak out a win in Florida.  That isn’t really a big deal, and somewhat expected.  Where will Huckabee finish?  Oh the analysis tomorrow night.    


And I am sorry Virginia (and all my other Hillary fans), but I am enjoying watching Obama whip up on the Clintons.  It makes me smile even more to see Teddy Kennedy endorsing him. Watching her campaign scramble (or anyone’s for that matter) makes me smile.  It especially makes me smile because I know Hillary isn’t even close to being out.  She might be in a downward slump, but don’t count her out yet…we still have a long way to go and the Clintons are some of the best politicians I have seen in years.  But, it still gives me a warm feeling inside to see them in a good fight for the nomination.


There is nothing like a good tight race.  I am beside myself with excitement that this could literally be decided at the Conventions in Aug/Sept.  It is kind of nice when you can have so much debate before picking a candidate. Election Day is a ways off…and the candidates have to be really really good….nobody can mess up.  One “Whoo Ahh” (Howard Dean Scream) and a candidate could end up fading into the background.  It is like walking a tight rope for 10 months…I can’t help it, I am fascinated by it and wondering who is going to fall off gracefully and who is going eat dirt.  J    

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