About 20 minutes after the State of the Union address my cell phone rang. As soon as I saw that it was Irma I got a big smile on my face because I realized it must mean that Irma had watched the SOU.  I feel that is a huge accomplishment in life.  Irma…did you watch the State of the Union in College?  Did you watch the State of the Union 5 years ago?  I knew that if I just kept talking about the SOU every year, I might be able to convert a few new people.

Now I still feel like this is a win even thought Irma really just called to tell me that the President looked good and she agreed with his choice of a Blue tie.  (Of course I agreed…the blue tie was a great call)  The fact is she watched it.  And even though she likes to concentrate on the fact that Bush “dissed” Sheila Jackson Lee as he walked down the isle and how the camera kept trying to catch Teddy sleeping during the speech, she still listened…and she still got a glimpse of the Presidents agenda for 2008. 

Now, if I can just get her vote for my candidate.  

PS.  A few highlights

  • Loved the “veto” all bills with earmarks not debated in Congress.  Can’t wait to watch for that.
  • Thought it was nice to see the Twins support their father.
  • I throughly enjoyed the look on the Democrat candidates during the speech.  I wonder if they practice looking thoroughly un engaged or bored?
  • Secretary Dirk Kempthorne was the cabinet member who stayed behind tonight. I guess the good news is if something had gone wrong, at least would have had someone who had some experience running a state. (Former gov of Idaho).
  • Interesting proposition to allow family of military to use the soldiers education benefits for themselves.
  • Like the joke that those wanting to pay more in taxes could just send a check directly to the IRS.
  • McCain did not make SOU, stayed in Florida, hope it means move votes in Florida tomorrow.
  • Enjoyed the camera continually flipping back to Ted Kennedy to see if they could catch him sleeping.
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3 Responses to The SOU

  1. Carrie says:

    This post made me laugh so much!!! Thanks Jen, even if it was at Irma’s expense. ūüėČ Just kidding Irma!

    Well, I have to admit that I did not watch it this time… But I am going to claim a valid excuse. I took a referee road trip with Brendan and Brad last night to watch them work a game at Blinn in Brenham.

    Now, I guess if I was really serious about politics, I would have tivo’d it, which I did not…

  2. Heather says:

    I agree with you on the veto of all bills with earmarks not debated in Congress. I also liked the fact that President Bush asked for the help of Congress on Social Security. Now I will sit back and hopefully see some results this year.
    As for the election….I am kind of hoping Hillary can manage to win on the democratic side. I am not sure if any of the republicans can beat Obama.

  3. Pam C says:

    I didn’t watch, but I did vote in FL today! I’ll get right on that sending my check to the IRS as soon as my paycheck keeps up with the cost of groceries and gas.

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