When did Tuesday become so Super???

Super Tuesday, this time around, is like the political super bowl of my world.  I get a lot of questions from friends…should I care about Super Tuesday?  What does it mean?  I would like to tell you it means everything and it means nothing.  Super Tuesday is the March Madness of a Presidential race.  You have all these states picking a Republican and a Democrat Presidential candidate.  Sometimes the underdog does better than you thought! 


Super Tuesday is the day when nearly half of all the States will hold their primaries (or caucuses) to determine their candidates for President.  (I won’t really go into delegates and the convention, but please note that when a candidate “wins” a state they get a certain amount of delegates that are supposed to vote for them at their party’s convention.  In recent past, candidates have typically reached the magic number of delegates needed to be their parties Presidential Candidate before the convention.  (The last time we had a brokered convention was in 1971))  I personally find the idea of brokered convention fascinating and would love to see it (but I don’t really think it will happen).


I hope tomorrow leads to John McCain being the Republican Front Runner heading into the Convention. But, I am not so sure what will happen with the Democrats tomorrow.  I don’t think they will be any clearer on a front runner then they are today.  However, one candidate could take all the big states and then we could have a Democrat Front Runner.

What I am most fascinated by is all these political polls showing candidates who are ahead by less than a 3% margin.  That just isn’t statistically significant enough to be able to predict who will win….which means we have to wait until the election results start rolling in.  It is like Christmas and I have to wait for each gift to be opened to really comprehend what all I have gotten!  Frankly I think the closeness of the Democrat race is the most fascinating (and I have a preference for who I want to be the D nominee in order to get my Republican president).  Shoot, I might even have trouble sleeping tonight.  J

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3 Responses to When did Tuesday become so Super???

  1. Tracy says:

    I admit it…I’m a lurker (and have been for a while). While we definitely do not see eye-to-eye on political issues, I love your posts on the upcoming election 🙂 Even though I already participated in the Iowa Caucus last month, I, too, am so excited about Super Tuesday. I plan on watching the results as they come in (and I don’t care how late I have to stay up!)

  2. Ker ber says:

    Yay Tracy! The one thing I have always said is we don’t have to agree on political issues and I don’t care who you vote for…just vote…get engaged! That is the only way we can make this government/democracy thing work. Thanks for chiming in! I am so jealous you were in Iowa..you guys get all the good election year action! Here is to a late night!

  3. Bug says:

    I didn’t think this Tuesday was super at all. I fell down icy stairs and hurt myself and did not even get to vote. Super? More like Stupid.

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