Anything is Possible

I have decided why I am truely loving all this “election stuff” is because there are so many newly engaged people!  The fact that all three prime time networks broadcast live election results…that is new!  I am hearing from people who have never followed politics and they are interested, engaged and asking questions. The youth vote is turning out in the primaries…how crazy is that. I have never bet on the youth vote, but this could be their year….perhaps they have finally figured out they have a voice.  If nothing else people are voting.

Could this be the election where voter turnout is in the 60 or 70 percent range (okay 70% is a pipe dream..but maybe some day.  2004 was a record voter turnout year since the ‘60’s and that was only 56%)?

Could this be the year Marty gets registerd and actually votes?

Anything is possible. 


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2 Responses to Anything is Possible

  1. Heather says:

    My youngest daughter who is 8, gave up her tv shows for lent. She was watching the news this morning and said “Oh great, now I will be able to talk to you about the election!” So yes, the youth is paying attention, at least for 40 days in my house!!

  2. va says:

    Hey, Kerber….tell me what you think about Obama taking Iowa, Minnesota, North Dakota and Colorado in such high numbers….an overwhelming majority….but does that mean that not one man in any of those states would date cast a vote for a woman? I can understand his home state…IL…I can understand his Mom’s home state. But the others? You know my leanings, and I just can’t seem to get a good handle on the stats from last night. And, by the way,, you never did respond to my theory on obama’s strong showing….you are not playing like the politico I know you to be!!! Can’t we discuss it?


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