I headed to work and it was 16 degrees outside but with the wind chill it was a “feels like” temperatures of 2!  Who lives like this?  I was very proud of myself as I left the house fully prepared for today’s temperature (jacket, scarf, hat, two layers on the legs, gloves, etc).  As I braved the outside element I immediately realized I forgot something…heavy socks.  My toes were freezing inside my boots and it is really hard to warm them back up once they are cold.  Oh well, I figure I am getting better at this, 90% of my body was warm.  (You would think after 8 years of this I would have it down to a science, but it has been so warm this winter I have not had time to fully get back into the swing of winter weather.)


PS  I saw the temperature in places like Chicago and the midwest…I would never survive.

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2 Responses to Brrrrr

  1. angie says:

    I watched the news report Sunday morning and at the time, it was -4 in Chicago. Their high for Sunday was….are you ready for this…THEIR HIGH TEMP WAS 1!!!! ONE DEGREE!!!!!

    I agree…who lives like that?

  2. Tracy says:

    I lived like that (in Chicago) for 30 years! Now I live in Iowa and it isn’t any better. Today was a heatwave with a high of 5 degrees and a windchill of -10. A couple of weeks ago it was a high of 2 with a -30 windchill. Spring can’t come fast enough…

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