Event for Julie

This will just be a short post. The event this weekend was fantastic.  Normally around 200 people attend this event; however this year they sold 265 tickets and people were registering at the door.  It was a huge success.  The Casino Night was so much fun; however I was horrible at the table games.  I was standing by friends who were Black Jack Queens and routinely putting down $100 chip and doubling their bet. Not me, every time I put down that $100 chip, they took it.  Good news is, it was all funny money anyway. 


I am not going to lie, it was hard that night.  I don’t often sit down and just think about Julie.  Its too hard.  But this night was all about Julie.  When Julie found out that she had been picked as grant recipient she was so overwhelmed that people she did not even know cared about her situation.  She kept asking me if I had anything to do with this and I kept telling her no!  It just so happens that I had friends (we all had friends) who were following Julie’s story online, they would tell their friends, and then here we are, with an army of ants spread all over the world. (Now, under full disclosure the person who started this foundation has become a good friend.)  Julie was so amazed that people she did not even know would answer a call to help her and help her family.


Unfortunately Brendan got the nasty flu and was unable to fly so he missed the event. I know he was very upset about that.  Without Brendan at the event, I was asked to say a few words as Julie’s life long friend.  There I was, mic in hand, looking out across a sea of 200+ people and I only knew a handful of them.  All of these people were there to raise money to help out two families in need, one of them being the Lyons family. I admit it; I got a little choked up.  As I spoke to people that evening I also learned that every one of them had a personal connection to cancer.  It was one small event in the scheme of things, but it was a great example of how we can give back to our community.


PS  Although I lost horribly at gambling, I did win a signed Hockey Puck at the silent auction (I am going to give it as a gift to a friend of mine who loves hockey. 


PPS.  A political post to come soon…so much going on.  Ralph Nader for President, it just gets more and more interesting.  Lets see if Bloomberg is smart enough to stay out of this.  McCain vs. The New York Times.  I am trying not to take it personally that everyone wants to distance themselves from lobbyists.  Perhaps I just need to come up with a new description for my profession.



 Jennifer, Michelle, Me, Michelle, Jennifer, Debbie (Do you see a pattern. I really only like to hang out with people who have my name or the name Michelle).


Kelsey & Brittany


Derek (Julies Brother-in-law) & Kim

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4 Responses to Event for Julie

  1. Nancy says:


    I’m so glad the event went so well! I was thinking about you all weekend. I’m sure your words were heart-felt and well received.

    I love the pictures! You all look so beautiful and it looks like everyone had a great time.

    Newberry – I love the shorter hair cut – It looks great!

  2. KATHY says:


    Thanks for the posting. Too bad that Brendan could not go, but glad that Kim and Derek were there. Loved the pictures, too. I can’t seem to enlarge them with the little magnifying icon – what gives? Everyone looked fantastic.

  3. kathy says:

    I managed to enlarge and everyone looks even more fantastic. I’m glad the night was such a success and you had a great time. I’m sure that Julie was smiling that wonderful smile at all of you that night. Love ya!

  4. April (England) says:

    Great photos, great post. xo

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