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Easter & Carson

Happy Easter!  Once again I started Easter weekend out depressed because I had decided not to go home (flight were outrageously expensive).  Every year I do this, and then every year I regret it.  Holidays (big and small) always require … Continue reading

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Missing Her (Again)

I went for a jog today in sunny West Palm Beach, Florida. It was Blue clear sky, birds flying above and I was listening to my ipod.  I found myself bawling. It seemingly came out of nowhere.   I missed her … Continue reading

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Julie is Everywhere

A very dear friend of mine (and Julie’s) had her third child last Friday.  Liz had already decided that regardless of sex the baby name would start with a J (for Julie).  Liz ended up having a healthy happy baby … Continue reading

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Holy Cow! Why do I love CNN Breaking News? Today’s big event! The Governor of New York is expected to resign over being caught in a Prostitution Sting. What is even crazier is that he was elected on a Reform … Continue reading

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Political Math. How do we sort through all of this?

This is going to be a long post but I tried to provide headings so you can just read the ones that interest you.  Irma & Billie I hope this answers your questions.   As it stand today neither Obama … Continue reading

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I guess I should have followed my own advice and not counted Hillary out!  I was surprised by the Texas win, however it did show that the Hispanic vote in Texas tended for Clinton.  So now what?  Clinton has a … Continue reading

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Stuff Happens

I saw the best motivational speaker today. His name is John Alston and he has a book out called Stuff Happens (and then you fix it!).  He was amazing and inspirational. I am normally not one for motivational speeches but he … Continue reading

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Don’t Forget To Vote Tomorrow

My Fellow Texans, you have not been this important in a long time!  Don’t get me wrong, I always find the Texas vote important, but for years the Texas primary has come when candidates have already been selected.  Are you … Continue reading

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Wine Cost

*****Okay, it cost $10.00!  I thought that was a lot for two sips of cheap wine. *****

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