Stuff Happens

I saw the best motivational speaker today. His name is John Alston and he has a book out called Stuff Happens (and then you fix it!) He was amazing and inspirational. I am normally not one for motivational speeches but he was wonderful.  He talked about how we all need to have a Vision, Passion, & Purpose in life, and how you can find that.  


One of his points that really resonated with me was when he talked about the Human Lotto.  Have you ever stopped to think about how we won the Human Lotto?  How lucky are we to be alive here and now?  We could be in Darfur, the Congo, Afghanistan, a jew during the holocaust, alive years ago without electricity?  How did we end up being so lucky as to be in the here and now?  


He was really big on reminding us that life is a gift and we should not waste it. Develop your talents and skills then give them back to the world.  Knowledge is power.  Remember you always have freedom of choice but you never have freedom from consequences.  Never leave words unsaid or deeds undone.  These are thing that took me 35 years and the death of my best friend to truly understand.  But in the realm of things, I am pretty darn lucky.  Lots of people never learn these things or learn them much later in life.  


I am really looking forward to reading this book. 

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4 Responses to Stuff Happens

  1. Brad says:

    Thanks for the recommend Jen… I ordered the book off Amazon (damn one-click!!!) … and some John Maxwell stuff that I haven’t read yet.

  2. angie says:

    i hope you do send it my way when you are done.

  3. Rob Kerber says:

    I have heard of him…I also tend to like the following person so I added a link. I think hes the best motivational speaker ever! Im sure he could put your guy to the test!!


  4. Jen M says:

    Robbie just cracked me up!!! Kerb – I miss you, when are you back in DC and I want to borrow the book. I almost bought it, but I’ve been trying to buy less books – you know why.

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