Easter & Carson

Happy Easter!  Once again I started Easter weekend out depressed because I had decided not to go home (flight were outrageously expensive).  Every year I do this, and then every year I regret it.  Holidays (big and small) always require a large gathering of family to celebrate.  When I lived close by, I viewed these as annoyances.  Now that it is not so easy to attend, I miss them very much.  Despite my original gloom, I ended up having a great Easter.  I woke up to a beautiful sunny day, took a two-hour walk with a  friend through Rock Creek Park, had a fabulous lunch and did a little shopping.  What more could a girl want?



Last week, I was working on the computer when I heard the all too familiar…scoot, scoot, pop!  This is the sound I hear when Carson is trying to pop the lid off his food container and give himself a little evening snack.  So, I grabbed the camera and caught him in the act.  He, of course, acts like there is nothing wrong with this!


Carson also has his cousin Tex staying with us for a week (my cousins are out of town and I am dog sitting.)  I busted Tex sleeping on the guest bed. 


What was funny about this is that I decided to take a picture of Tex on the bed while it was dark. Naturally, the flash woke Carson.  I love this picture of him because he is clearly annoyed and it looks like he is saying, “Jeez lady, go back to bed!”


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2 Responses to Easter & Carson

  1. JFLO says:

    Happy Belated Easter…
    Had to laugh as I played the video as soon as you said “what are you doing?”….Ripley comes running into the room as if to say “hey daddy…I was being good…really I was”

    Thanks for sharing POV (pets on video)…..needed that

  2. angie says:

    Ha! Dogs are people too, aren’t they? My kids act the same way. I need to put bells on the candy container. Happy Easter girl. I Love You.

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