Weekend in Houston

I was lucky enough to see Brendan tell Julie’s story and discuss the power of Faith to the St. Jerome teen group, LifeTeen.  He was fantastic and they had an amazing turnout.  There was probably around 75 teens at this meeting.  (Can you imagine? I don’t think our Catholic Teen Group ever had more than 20 people.  It is a testament to their Youth Minister, Ricky, that he is able to captivate that many teens for an hour and a half every week.)   Frankly, I have no idea how Brendan was able to do it and keep it together.  Angie and I had tears streaming down our face and I saw several of the teens in the room crying as well.  But Brendan was great.  He had the right mix of humor and grief.  It made me think that perhaps he should go on the road and speak to High School students about Melanoma and the dangers of tanning beds and sun exposure.  


I would be remiss if I did not thank my cousin Greg for cooking crawfish, lobster and shrimp for my benefit.  He invited all the cousins over (I have a LOT) and cooked this fantastic seafood feast.  We sat outside under a blue clear sky with no humidity and warm weather.  It was a great day!  It had been at least 8 years (since I moved to DC) since I had crawfish. Yummy!


P.S.  I keep getting asked to provide a political post on the election…I have one coming soon.  This was just a quick update.

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3 Responses to Weekend in Houston

  1. Carrie says:

    Wow – when he told me about it and was working on the presentation Sunday morning, he kind of played it off as a simple little presentation to get people out at the Relay for Life event. It sounds like it was much more than that! I’m sorry I wasn’t there to hear it. I am certain he did a fabulous job.

    I’m also sorry we didn’t cross paths last weekend! It sounds like we were on completely opposite schedules… You were there Friday night, we were there Saturday and Sunday morning, and then you were there Sunday. 🙂 Oh well — next time! Miss ya –

  2. Brad says:

    Sorry we missed you this past weekend … And, yeah, Brendan didn’t even tell me about the presentation — I will have to beat him for that! Glad to know that everything went well – I’m sure he did an amazing job.

  3. Kathy says:

    Um, so when were you going to call me and tell me you were in town? I was without kids (steve’s wkend) and would have loved to have seen you. No excuses next time.

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