Today’s Generation Gap

Yesterday I sent an email to my Obama supporter colleague and included our interns on the email.  I said, “Guess what..your man Obama just got endorsed by ‘the Boss.’”.  Shortly after I sent this email I hear the interns (they sit outside my office) trying to figure out who is “The Boss.”  This is what they come up with:


Tony Danza, from Who’s The Boss


I had to explain to them that Bruce Springsteen was “The Boss.” 


I am officially “older.”

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7 Responses to Today’s Generation Gap

  1. Irma says:

    Oh that’s just silly…they know Tony Danza but NOT Springsteen? Aren’t those 2 the same age and weren’t they both in their hey day in the 80’s???

  2. Heather says:

    I went to the Springsteen concert here in Houston on Monday. It was funny to see the age differences in the crowds. I was sitting next to a couple in their 60’s and in front of us we had a group of teens.
    Also if you have not heard his long time keyboardist, Danny Federici passed away yesterday from his 3 year battle with melanoma. They are setting up the Danny Federici Melanoma Fund in lieu of flowers.

  3. theresa in KY says:

    now that’s funny!

  4. Geneen says:

    Oh and here I thought Mr. Roarke was the boss. I guess he’s just “Boss” as Tattoo called him.

  5. Geneen says:

    And now that I think about it, it’s doubly stupid because, as the title of the show asks, “Who’s the Boss?” I don’t think they ever definitively answered that question. Was it Tony or Angela or Mona? Hmmm… Questions like these have been puzzling America’s youth for centuries.

  6. shirl says:

    Oh Jennifer, that is SO FUNNY!–especially since I just asked you about Roy Rogers and Gene Autry!!!


    P.S. do any of your readers know THOSE names?


  7. shirl says:

    Also, I did enjoy the photos…


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